Year-end report 2020

January - December 2020

  • Total revenue: SEK 39 (58) million
  • Operating result: SEK -1 (4) million
  • Impairment Ripiano -55 (0) million
  • Net income SEK -55 (4) million
  • Earnings per share: SEK -1.86 (0.14)

July - December 2020

  • Revenue: SEK 19 (30) million
  • Operating result: SEK -1 (2) million
  • Impairment Ripiano -24 (0) million
  • Net income SEK -25 (2) million
  • Earnings per share: SEK -0.85 (0.07)

Statement from CEO

Dear Shareholders,

I am pleased to announce the year-end results for 2020.

2020 was a very difficult year. The entire world encountered unprecedented challenges, and the oil industry was one of those hit badly by the COVID crisis. Nevertheless, PetroSibir remained strong and quickly adapted to the new conditions. Efficient costs management combined with flexible Russian taxation of the oil industry helped us to minimise the losses. In addition, with our new partner in Bashkiria we successfully drilled the first exploration well in the Suyanovskoye licence and are now drilling the second. The new reserves and production along with growing oil prices have substantially increased the assets value and bring new opportunities.

Pavel Tetyakov, CEO

Upcoming financial reporting

Annual report 2020 April 2021
Annual General Meeting 2021 May / June 2021

This information was released for publication on 26 February 2021.

For the complete Report, see attached document.

For more information, please contact:

Pavel Tetyakov, CEO, +46 8 407 1850
Gunnar Danielsson, deputy CEO and CFO, +46 70 738 0585

About Petrosibir

Petrosibir is a Swedish company focused on exploring and developing concessions in Russia. Petrosibir's Ukrainian operations have been distributed to its shareholders. The company holds licences in the Russian republics of Bashkiria and Komi. Petrosibir's 2P oil and gas reserves amount to 35 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Petrosibir share is traded on the OTC-list at beQuoted starting from 17 February 2016 under the symbol PSIB-B.

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