Year-end report for the full year 2019

Arctic Mineral AB is focusing on mineral exploration in Finland, following the acquisition of Norrbotten Exploration AB in 2017.

Arctic Minerals is focusing on areas in central and northern Finland where the Company considers represent excellent potential for the discovery of new copper, zinc and gold deposits, including battery metals. The exploration in Finland is done with the fully owned subsidiary Norrbotten Exploration AB as operator.

Currency SEK, MSEK, is Swedish Kronor (SEK)

Second Half (July - December 2019)

· Capitalized exploration costs for the second half of the year amounted to
MSEK 0.8 (1.3)

· Profit after tax for the second half of the year MSEK -4.6 (-1.6)

· Earnings per share for the second half of the year amounted to
SEK -0.06 (-0.02)

Full Year (January - December 2019)

· Capitalized exploration costs for the full year amounted to MSEK 2.2 (2.3)

· Profit after tax for the full year amounted to MSEK -6.6 (-2.7)

· Earnings per share for the full year amounted to SEK -0.08 (-0.04)

· Equity per share at the end of the period amounted to SEK 0.72 (0.89)

Significant events during the second half of 2019

  • Arctic Minerals AB (publ) on July 15, 2019 completed a directed issue of 25,000,000 shares, corresponding to approximately 27.4 percent of the share capital in the Company, to a limited group of previously informed

investors. The shares were paid in cash and the subscription price was 0.60 SEK per share and the issue gave the Company gross proceeds of MSEK 15 before costs, which amounted to MSEK 1,3.

  • On August 8 an update was presented on the exploration for copper in the Peräpohja Schist Belt. Analyzes from samples taken in previous field work showed promising grades of copper, gold and silver. The best ore boulder contained 5.25 % copper, 0.4 gram per tonne of gold and 12 grams per tonne of silver.
  • The Company announced on September 18 that it has from September 25 changed Certified Adviser to UB Securities Ltd.
  • Arctic Minerals AB announced on October 24 that it has identified a new area with exploration potential for gold in northern Finland. The company has therefore applied for a reservation (for exploration) named Nutukka, covering 365 km2, approximately 100 km northeast of the town of Kittilä, and approximately 20 km southwest of the gold panning village Tankavaara in Finnish Lapland.
  • On October 29 the company announced that drilling at its Vihanti, Finland zinc-copper-gold project will start in November. The mining authority has granted the necessary exploration permit Lampinsaari, which includes both the "Vihanti Deeps" and the "Kuuhkamo" drill targets.
  • The company announced on November 25 that it has been granted one more exploration permit in Vihanti. The granted Vilminko exploration permit, allows the company to carry out the planned drilling in the Vilminko drill target.
  • Norrbotten Exploration AB on December 2 announced that the Company has applied for a new reservation in northern Finland.Company has identified a new area with exploration potential for platinum group elements (PGE) and chromite. Application for a reservation ("Paasivaara"), covering 8 km2, was filed on December 2. The reservation is located approximately 15 km northeast of the city of Kemi, Finland.
  • December 13 the company announced that drilling at Vihanti has started in the three earlier announced three drill targets, "Kuuhkamo", "Vilminko" and "Vihanti Deeps".

Important events after the period ending December 31, 2019

  • January 21 Arctic Minerals informed that it has signed an earn-in and joint venture agreement with Rio Tinto Mining & Exploration Ltd, a subsidiary of the Rio Tinto Group, one of the world's largest mining companies. The contracting party for Arctic Minerals is the subsidiary Norrbotten Exploration AB, the holder of the exploration reservations and exploration permits in the Peräpohja region in southwestern Finnish
  • Lapland. The agreement is subject to the completion of satisfactory due diligence by Rio Tinto.
  • The Company on February 17 announced that the Board of Directors of Arctic Minerals AB (publ) has appointed Jonatan Forsberg as new CEO of the Company. He replaces Krister Söderholm, who will retire as CEO but continues as Director of the Board. Jonatan will take up his position from March 1, 2020.
  • The Company is not a mining company nor aims at opening mines. The Company has decided to start a market research concerning a possible selling of the Bidjovagge gold-copper-project in Northern Norway.

Upcoming reports
The Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The Annual Report for full year 2019 will be held on the Company's website from Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Interim report for the period January - June 2020 will be released on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

Certified Advisor
UB Securities Ltd, of Helsinki, Finland, ( is the Company's Certified Advisor on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm.

The company's shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm under the trade designation "ARCT".

This year-end report has not been audited by the company's auditor.

For full report, see attached document.

Stockholm February 27, 2020.

For further information
see the Company's website at or contact:

Krister Söderholm, CEO
(+358) 50 542 3113
[email protected]


Peter Walker, Chairman
+44 771 722 3909
[email protected]

About Arctic Minerals
Arctic Minerals AB is a Swedish company focusing on exploration for copper, zinc, gold and cobalt and other battery metals in Finland through its subsidiary Norrbotten Exploration AB. At present the subsidiary has exploration permits in the Raahe-Ladoga ore belt of central Finland, and has applied for an exploration permit in the Peräpohja schist belt in northern Finland. In addition, the subsidiary has exploration reservations in the Peräpohja schist belt, in the Kiiminki schist belt northeast of Oulu, Paasivaara northeast of Kemi and in Central Lapland. Arctic Minerals AB also owns, through another subsidiary, Arctic Gold AB, mineral rights to the closed Bidjovagge gold-copper mine in northern Norway.

This information is information that Arctic Minerals AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU) 596/2014 and the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 08.30 on February 27, 2020.

Arctic Minerals vd kommenterar förvärvet av Katterat guldprojekt i Norge

Vd Jonatan Forsberg kommenterar förvärvet av Katterat guldprojekt i Norge i inderesTV.

Arctic Minerals' CEO comments on the acquisition of the gold project Katterat in Norway

CEO Jonatan Forsberg comments on the acquisition of the gold project Katterat in Norway on inderesTV.

Arctic Minerals förvärvar guldprojektet Katterat i Norge och genomför riktad nyemission av aktier i samband med förvärvet

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" eller "Bolaget") har idag, den 29 september 2022, ingått ett aktieöverlåtelseavtal med Branten Utvikling AS (som kontrolleras av David Ettner och Ragnar Hagen) avseende förvärv av samtliga aktier i Arctic Exploration AS som innehar guldprojektet Katterat i Norge, i enlighet med avsiktsförklaringen som kommunicerades genom pressmeddelande den 15 augusti 2022. Tillträdet sker per idag. Köpeskillingen för 100 procent av aktierna i Arctic Exploration AS uppgår till 1,95 mNOK och erläggs dels i form av kontant betalning om 0,05 mNOK, dels i form av en säljarrevers om 1,90 mNOK som kvittas mot 3 302 520 nyemitterade aktier i Arctic Minerals. Styrelsen i Arctic Minerals har därför, med stöd av bemyndigandet från årsstämman den 16 juni 2022, beslutat om en riktad kvittningsemission om 3 302 520 aktier i Bolaget som delbetalning av den avtalade köpeskillingen i förvärvet av Katteratprojektet.

Arctic Minerals acquires the gold project Katterat in Norway and carries out a directed issue of shares in connection with the acquisition

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" or the "Company") has as of today, on 29 September 2022, entered into a share purchase agreement with Branten Utvikling AS (controlled by David Ettner and Ragnar Hagen) regarding acquisition of all shares in Arctic Exploration AS, owner of the gold project Katterat in Norway, in accordance with the letter of intent communicated through a press release on 15 August 2022. The closing takes place as of today. The consideration for 100 percent of the shares in Arctic Exploration AS amounts to mNOK 1.95 and is partly paid in the form of a cash payment of mNOK 0.05, partly in the form of a seller promissory note of mNOK 1.90 which is offset against 3,302,520 newly issued shares in Arctic Minerals. The board of directors of Arctic Minerals has therefore, based on the authorisation from the annual general meeting on 16 June 2022, resolved on a directed set-off issue of 3,302,520 new shares in the Company as a partial payment of the agreed consideration in the acquisition of the Katterat project.

Delårsrapport för första halvåret 2022

Styrelsen i Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals", "Bolaget" eller "Moderbolaget" och med dess dotterbolag "Koncernen") (Styrelsen) avger härmed rapport för perioden januari - juni 2022.

Interim report for the first half year (January - June) 2022

The Board of Directors of Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals", the "Company" or the "Parent company" and together with its subsidiaries the "Group") (the "Board") hereby submits an interim report for the period January - June 2022.

Arctic Minerals ingår avsiktsförklaring om att förvärva guldprojekt i Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals") har idag ingått en icke bindande avsiktsförklaring om att förvärva 100 % av guldprojektet Katterat i Norge från ett bolag som kontrolleras av David Ettner och Ragnar Hagen ("Säljarna"). Katteratprojektet omfattar 12 undersökningstillstånd om totalt 116 km2 i Narviks kommun i Norge. I Katterat-området har guld lokaliserats i fast berg på flera ställen. Den överenskomna köpeskillingen uppgår till 1,95 mNOK.

Arctic Minerals announces letter of intent regarding the acquisition of a Norwegian gold project

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals") has as of today entered into a non-binding letter of intent regarding the acquisition of a 100% interest in the gold project Katterat in Norway from a company controlled by David Ettner and Ragnar Hagen (the "Sellers"). The Katterat property consists of 12 exploration permits totalling 116 km2 located inNarvik municipality in Norway, where gold has been found in bedrock in multiple locations, and the agreed consideration will be in total mNOK 1.95.

Arctic Minerals uppdaterar om pågående prospektering i Finland och Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) uppdaterar om säsongens prospekteringsfältarbete i Finland och Norge, som inleddes i maj 2022. I norra Finland innehar Bolaget kopparprojektet Peräpohja (joint venture med Rio Tinto), guldprojektet Nutukka samt koppar-nickelprojekten Inari och Lohi. I mellersta Finland innehar Bolaget batterimetalprojektet Kiiminki.

Arctic Minerals updates on its exploration progress in Finland and Norway

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) updates on this seasons' exploration field work in Finland and Norway that started in May 2022.  In northern Finland, the Company's exploration projects comprise the copper project Peräpohja (a joint venture with the Rio Tinto Group), the gold project Nutukka and the copper-nickel projects Inari and Lohi.  In central Finland, the Company has the battery metal project Kiiminki.

Arctic Minerals och Rio Tinto utvidgar joint venture-samarbetet för kopparprojektet i Peräpohja i Finland

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) och Rio Tinto har kommit överens om att utöka storleken på det område som omfattas av joint venture-samarbetet för kopparprojektet Peräpohja i norra Finland. Avtalet ökar storleken på det tillståndsområde som täcks av joint-venture samarbetet med 57 000 hektar till nu totalt 112 000 hektar.

Arctic Minerals and Rio Tinto expands the joint venture for the copper project Peräpohja in Finland

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) and Rio Tinto have agreed to increase the size of the area covered by the earn-in agreement on the Peräpohja copper project in northern Finland.  The agreement increases the size of the permit area covered by the earn-in by 57,000 ha bringing the total permit area covered by the Peräpohja project to 112,000 ha.

Kommuniké från årsstämma i Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Bolaget") höll den 16 juni 2022 årsstämma på Köpmangatan 22 i Östersund

Report from Annual General Meeting in Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) (the "Company") held its Annual General Meeting on 16 June 2022 at Köpmangatan 22 in Östersund

Kallelse till årsstämma i Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Arctic Minerals AB (publ), 556569-3602, kallas till årsstämma den 16 juni 2022 kl. 11.00 på Köpmangatan 22 i Östersund.

Notice of Annual General Meeting in Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

The shareholders of Arctic Minerals AB (publ), reg. no. 556569-3602, are given notice of the annual general meeting to be held at 11:00 CEST on 16 June 2022, at Köpmangatan 22 in Östersund.

Arctic Minerals styrelse föreslår riktad kvittningsemission om sammanlagt högst cirka 3,0 MSEK

Styrelsen i Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" eller "Bolaget") föreslår att årsstämman den 16 juni 2022 beslutar att genomföra en riktad kvittningsemission till tre av Bolagets fordringshavare om högst 5 006 825 aktier, vilket medför att Bolagets skuld minskar med högst 3 004 095 SEK ("Kvittningsemissionen"). Teckningskursen uppgår till 0,6 SEK per aktie och motsvarar en premie om cirka tre procent jämfört med den volymviktade genomsnittskursen för Bolagets aktie under perioden från och med den 11 maj 2022 till och med den 17 maj 2022.

Arctic Minerals board of directors proposes directed set-off issue of up to approximately MSEK 3.0

The board of directors of Artic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" or the "Company") proposes that the annual general meeting on June 16, 2022, resolves on a directed new share issue with payment through set-off to three of the Companys creditors of up to 5,006,825 shares, which will result in the Companys debts decreasing by up to SEK 3,004,095 (the "Set-Off Issue"). The subscription price amount to SEK 0.6 per share and corresponds to a premium of approximately threeper cent compared to the volume-weighted average price of the Companys share during the period from and including May 11, 2022 up to and including May 17, 2022.

Arctic Minerals publicerar årsredovisning för 2021

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) publicerar årsredovisning för 2021. Årsredovisningen för räkenskapsåret 2021 finns tillgänglig i sin helhet på Bolagets hemsida.

Arctic Minerals Annual Report 2021 is now published

Arctic Minerals AB (publ)'s Annual Report for 2021 is now published (in Swedish). The Annual Report for 2021 is available in full (in Swedish) on the Companys website.

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