Operational update from Testament Winery

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") announces an operational update on the wine operations in Testament Winery, a producer of primarily red premium wine on the coast of Dalmatia. During 2018 the company took several steps towards achieving the vision of becoming Dalmatia's leading producer of premium wines. The company launched the Testament brand, implemented a new sales strategy and reached a record harvest with a production of over 300,000 bottles of organic wines made from indigenous grapes.

Testament Winery has en organic vineyard covering 47 hectares on hills that slope down towards the Adriatic Sea near the medieval town of Sibenik on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. The vineyard was planted by the previous owner between 2007 and 2011 and consists of local grape varieties, primarily the red wine grape Babic. Croatia has a long wine tradition with over 40 indigenous grapes in commercial production and Dalmatia has the world's longest continuously cultivated vineyard, that was included in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.

Record harvest gives 300,000 bottles

Due to favorable weather conditions and Testament's new winemaker Juraj Sladic's strong vineyard management, the 2018 harvest reached a production of over 300,000 bottles, based exclusively on local Dalmatian grapes, mainly Babic, but also Plavac Maly, Tribidrag, Posip, Debit and Marastina. This is a significant increase from 100,000 bottles previous year and 67,000 bottles in 2016. Despite the warm summer, no irrigation was necessary in 2018, which cost several hundred thousand SEK in 2017. All the grapes have been manually picked in the organic vineyard.

"The record harvest provides excellent opportunities to further enhance the Testament Babic wines. Our award-winning winemaker Juraj Sladic, who joined the company during the summer of 2017, will now for the first time be able to manage the whole process from grape to wine. I am really looking forward to presenting these wines to the world's wine lovers", says Robert Karlsson, CEO of Zhoda Investments.

Launching a new sales strategy

When Zhoda acquired the winery, it sold part of its harvest as grapes to other wine producers. The remaining part of the harvest was vinified and the wine was sold to local restaurants. Following Zhoda's investments into expansion of buildings and acquisition of new equipment, the company now has the capacity to vinify the entire harvest and sell the wine under the brand Testament at higher prices than previously. The company has under 2018 established new sales channels focusing on the major cities of Croatia, including Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. The wine is now sold in over 100 hotels, restaurants and cafés in Croatia. During the year, Testament Winery renovated an existing building in the vineyard and launched its own tasting facilities where guests are offered to participate in wine tastings with Dalmatian specialties as well as to purchase wine.

During 2019 the company will widen its sales to retail, including specialized wine stores and supermarkets. When the wine consumer chooses his wine at a store, brand recognition comes into stronger play compare to in a restaurant where a waiter often recommends a wine. Testament will therefore during 2019 strengthen its presence in digital media, at wine fairs as well as through joint arrangements with leading wine personalities and sommeliers.

In parallel, the company has commenced export activities, initially focusing on neighboring Serbia and Montenegro as and also the Czech Republic, Austria, USA and the Nordic countries.

Zhoda owns two wineries in Dalmatia

Zhoda now holds 100 per cent of Testament Winery following an acquisition of the outstanding 20 per cent in 2018. The company also owns a winery on the Dalmatian island of Korcula that produces wine on the indigenous white wine favorite Posip. This grape was discovered by chance 150 years ago when a local farmer was wandering in the bushes surrounding the village of Smokvica where the winery is located.

Invitation to taste Testament's wines and visit the winery

As a service to the shareholders, Zhoda has introduced the red Testament Babic (article number 73669) and the white Testament Posip (article number 74023) to the ordering segment at Systembolaget. The wines can be ordered at systembolaget.se or in your local store.

Zhoda's shareholders are also invited to visit the winery. Please see testament-winery.com or send an email to our winemaker Juraj Sladic (juraj@testament-winery.com).

Visit Testament Winery on Facebook and Instagram in order to follow the activities in the vineyard and cellar.

Photos from the Babic harvest and tasting facilities

Attached to this press release are photos from the manually harvested Babic grapes and the newly renovated building for tasting facilities and winery sales.

Stockholm, 11 January 2019

For more information, please contact:
Robert Karlsson, CEO Zhoda Investments AB +46 709 565 141,

About Zhoda Investments
Zhoda Investments invests in selected unlisted European ventures and drives growth and profitability through active ownership and an entrepreneurial approach. Zhoda owns an organic winery in Dalmatia with a 47-hectare state of the art vineyard mainly producing red wine from the local Babic grape. Zhoda is also the owner of a winery on the Dalmatian island of Korcula that produces white premium wines from the indigenous Posip grape. The group also holds a 45 per cent interest in the Lelyaki oil field in Ukraine with 2P proven and probable oil reserves of 8 million barrels net to the company. Zhoda Investments is actively pursuing new investments. For more information, visit www.zhodainvestments.com.

This is an English translation of the Swedish original. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish original shall prevail.

Zhoda Investments lämnar operativ uppdatering

Inför dagens årsstämma lämnar Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") en operativ uppdatering. Efter coronautbrottet tidigare i år vidtog bolaget snabbt åtgärder för att anpassa verksamheten till de nya marknadsförutsättningarna. Lägre oljepriser och reserestriktioner har påverkat olje- och vinverksamheternas omsättning och resultat men öppnar också för nya affärsmöjligheter.

Zhoda Investments announces an operational update

Ahead of today's Annual General Meeting, Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") announces an operational update. Following the outbreak of Covid 19 earlier this year, Zhoda took swift measures to adapt the operations to the new market conditions. Lower oil prices and travel restrictions have affected sales and profits in both the oil and wine operations, but have also opened up new business opportunities.

Zhoda Investments vinner upphandling på Systembolaget

Zhoda Investments helägda dotterbolag Black Island Winery har i hård konkurrens vunnit en upphandling av viner på druvan babic. Vinerna kommer att finnas i ordinarie segment på hyllan i 115 butiker från och med 1 december i år.

Zhoda Investments wins a tender at Systembolaget

Zhoda Investments' wholly owned subsidiary Black Island Winery has won a tender of wines made from the grape babic at Systembolaget, the Swedish retail monopoly. The wine will be available in 115 stores starting 1 December this year.

Zhoda Investments publicerar årsredovisning

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") publicerar idag årsredovisningen för 2019.

Zhoda Investments publishes its annual report

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") publishes its annual report for 2019.

Kallelse till årsstämma i Zhoda Investments AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Zhoda Investments AB (publ), organisationsnummer 559030-3490 (nedan "Bolaget") kallas till årsstämma den 29 juni 2020 kl. 15.00 på Grev Turegatan 18 (Alpcot), 2 tr i Stockholm.

Notice to Annual General Meeting of shareholders in Zhoda Investments AB (publ)

The shareholders of Zhoda Investments AB (publ), corporate identity number 559030-3490 (hereinafter the "Company") are hereby given notice to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held at 15.00 CET on 29 June 2020, at Grev Turegatan 18 (Alpcot), 2nd floor, in Stockholm.

Operativ uppdatering från vinverksamheten

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") lämnar en operativ uppdatering avseende vinverksamheten belägen i kustregionen Dalmatien i Kroatien. Under år 2019 nådde bolaget flera viktiga milstolpar med väsentligt ökad försäljning, framgångsrik skörd och lansering av varumärket Merga Victa från vingården på ön Korcula.

Operational update from the wine operations

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") announces an operational update on the wine operations located in the coastal region of Dalmatia in Croatia. The company reached several important milestones in 2019, including significantly increased sales, a successful harvest and launch of the Merga VIcta brand from the second winery on the island of Korcula.

Operativ och finansiell uppdatering från oljeverksamheten

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") lämnar en operativ och finansiell uppdatering avseende oljeverksamheten i Poltava Ukraina. Under årets första tio månader har Zhodas 45 procentiga andel av fältets produktion uppgått till 71 400 fat olja, motsvarande 234 fat per dag. Under samma period har moderbolaget erhållit utdelningar om drygt 8 miljoner kronor från oljeverksamheten.

Operational and financial update from the oil operations

Zhoda Investments ("Zhoda") announces an operational and financial update on the oil operations near Poltava, Ukraine. During the first 10 months of the year, Zhoda's 45 per cent interest in the field production amounted to 71,400 barrels, equivalent to 234 barrels per day. During the same period, the parent company has received dividends from the oil operations amounting to over SEK 8 million.

Kommuniké från extra bolagsstämma i Zhoda Investments

Vid extra bolagsstämma i Zhoda Investments AB fattade aktieägarna beslut att utse WeAudit Sweden AB, med huvudansvarig revisor Mikael Köver, till ny revisor intill slutet av årsstämman 2020. Arvode ska utgå enligt godkänd räkning.

Communiqué from EGM in Zhoda Investments

The shareholders of Zhoda Investments AB passed a resolution at the EGM today to elect the authorized auditing firm WeAudit Sweden AB, with responsible auditor Mikael Köver, until the annual general meeting 2020. The auditors will be paid in accordance with approved invoices.

Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma i Zhoda Investments AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Zhoda Investments AB (publ), organisationsnummer 559030-3490 (nedan "Bolaget") kallas till extra bolagsstämma den 2 december 2019 kl. 13.00 på Grev Turegatan 18, 2 tr i Stockholm. Den påskrivande revisorn har meddelat Bolaget att han på grund av sjukskrivning inte kan fullfölja uppdraget varför Bolaget kallar till stämma för att utse ny revisor.

Notice to Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders in Zhoda Investments AB (publ)

The shareholders of Zhoda Investments AB (publ), corporate identity number 559030-3490 (hereinafter the "Company") are hereby given notice to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting to be held at 13.00 CET on 2 December 2019 at Grev Turegatan 18, second floor, in Stockholm. The current auditor has informed the Company that he is unable to fulfill his duties for health reasons and the Company therefore gives notice to a general meeting to appoint a new auditor.

Kommuniké från årsstämma i Zhoda Investments

Vid årsstämma i Zhoda Investments AB fattade aktieägarna i huvudsak följande beslut.

Communiqué from the Annual General Meeting in Zhoda Investments

The shareholders of Zhoda Investments AB passed the following main resolutions at the Annual General Meeting.

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