Seamless Distribution Systems releases progress report on COVID-19 situation

Due to the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the current market situation, Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) issues a progress report on how the company views the market and its operations.

SDS maintains a strong position despite the turbulence brought about by the coronavirus outbreak, as the company has also done in previous times of turmoil. The need and demand for technological development in the mobile industry across developing markets remain high, which has meant that SDS has not been significantly impacted by the current market downturn. The company continues to generate business. Most recently SDS announced two orders in March, worth SEK 1.7 million, from existing customers in the Ivory Coast and Congo. At present, the company has a positive outlook on the situation regarding incoming orders.

Over the last five years, Seamless has developed infrastructure and a way of working that allows our geographically distributed workforce to continue their daily work remotely. Internally, it is very common to have meetings that span over several different time zones and countries.

From its inception, SDS has had a workforce spread over several countries and time zones based on the philosophy that being closer to our customers is the best way of providing quality service. Also, Seamless believes in the corporate philosophy that small and independent teams are more motivated and provide better quality work than large offices with hundreds of people. This has pushed Seamless to extensively use video conferencing tools (Google Meets is the preferred method) to run meetings whilst ensuring that the infrastructure provided to its employees allows for remote work without any obstruction.

In India, Seamless has dedicated data center facilities with an extended private cloud that is connected by a mesh network to all its physical offices. Any employee can use a VPN to access these facilities outside the office. We host our IP and source code as well as our completely automated development process using these facilities, relying heavily on the Atlassian product suite that allows the development team around the world to continue developing and building software without any problems. Similarly, we have dedicated VPNs for all customers for production and staging setups that enable our global support and operations teams to connect to any site with enhanced security and strict access control, ensuring business continuity for revenue critical systems. Also, we have a centralized Network Operations Centre that receives automated notifications from all our client production systems and can react very quickly to unanticipated problems experienced by our customers. This central infrastructure setup and common ways of working allow us to have a margin of redundancy of personnel and systems, irrespective of geographical disturbances. For example, during religious holidays like Christmas, Ramadan or Diwali our personnel can take quality time off with support from our teams in other countries who get the same benefits during their respective holiday seasons.

All departments enjoy the same facilities from our private cloud network, be it finance or product, allowing our workforce to continue to contribute from the place best suited for them. Working from home or remotely is actively encouraged and we trust our employees not to abuse this privilege and to do their best under all circumstances. The culture of trust is fundamental to achieve ownership and initiative in a virtual organization like Seamless.

All the above has ensured that Seamless is uniquely prepared for the current COVID-19 pandemic and the confinement policies being enforced in several countries. Our teams continue to work interrupted and business continuity is maintained without any problems.

The updated strategy published by SDS in October 2019 remains unaffected and firm. Furthermore, there are opportunities for the current crisis to accelerate digitization in the emerging markets where SDS operates.

For more information contact:
Martin Schedin
Chief Financial Officer
+46 70 438 14 42

About Seamless Distribution Systems AB (SDS)
SDS is a Swedish software company group that provides solutions and services for digital sales and distribution to private consumers through mobile operators in emerging countries. The company offers its corporate customers a comprehensive solution for digital distribution and electronic transactions processing. SDS acquired eServGlobal in July 2019. The SDS Group now has customers in all parts of the world, with a footprint in more than 50 countries, reaching over 500 million mobile users through more than 2,000,000 active point-of-sales. SDS has approximately 220 employees in Sweden, France, Romania, Belgium, Ghana, Nigeria, USA, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Ecuador and the United Arab Emirates. With over 30 years of experience, SDS focuses on high-level customer satisfaction and efficient operations. SDS manages over 15 billion transactions annually, worth more than 12 billion US Dollars and enables the growing population of emerging countries to become part of the mobile revolution.

SDS shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier.
The company's Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB, phone number 08-528 00 399, email:

SDS erhåller nya order till ett värde av 1,3 MSEK

SDS har fått två order, till ett sammanlagt värde av 1,3 MSEK, från en befintlig kund som är en av de ledande mobiloperatörerna i Bahamas. Ordrarna avser mjukvarufunktioner som lägger till ny kapacitet till den befintliga operativa kritiska plattformen. Leveransen kan utföras av SDS på distans.

SDS receives new orders worth SEK 1.3 million

SDS has received two orders, for a total value of SEK 1.3 million, from an existing customer who is one of the leading mobile operators in the Bahamas. The orders are for software features that add new capacity to the existing operational critical platform. Delivery can be carried out by SDS remotely.

SDS håller livesänd pressträff med anledning av publicering av delårsrapport

SDS kallar till en livesänd pressträff onsdag 22 april klockan 16.00. Under pressträffen kommer SDS vd Tommy Eriksson gå igenom bolagets delårsrapport för årets första kvartal, samt berätta om bolagets utveckling framåt.

SDS erhåller beställningar från tre av sina befintliga kunder till ett värde av 6 MSEK

SDS har mottagit tre beställningar, till ett sammanlagt värde av ca 6 MSEK, från befintliga kunder, som är två av de ledande mobiloperatörerna i Mellanöstern samt den ledande operatören i Eswatini (tidigare Swaziland). Kunderna har beställt förbättringar av olika delar av SDS produkterbjudande.

SDS receives orders from three existing customers worth SEK 6 million

SDS has received three new orders, with a total value of approximately SEK 6 million, from existing customers. Two of these customers are leading mobile operators in the Middle East and the third is the leading operator in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). These customers have ordered various upgrades for their existing SDS platforms.

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) erhåller en ny order på 2,5 miljoner SEK från en mobiloperatör på den största marknaden i Mellanöstern

Ordern, som uppgår till 2,5 miljoner SEK, erhölls från en kund till eServGlobal, som förvärvades av SDS i juli förra året, och är ett tillägg till den order som mottogs i oktober förra året.

Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) has received a new order of 2.5 million SEK from a mobile operator in the largest market in the Middle East.

The order, valued at 2.5 million SEK, was received from a customer of eServGlobal, which was acquired by SDS in July last year, and is an addition to the order that was received in October last year.

SDS ger lägesrapport med anledning av Covid-19

På grund av den globala smittspridningen av Coronaviruset och rådande marknadsläge meddelar SDS en lägesrapport om hur Bolaget ser på marknaden och verksamheten.

Seamless Distribution Systems releases progress report on COVID-19 situation

Due to the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the current market situation, Seamless Distribution Systems (SDS) issues a progress report on how the company views the market and its operations.

SDS erhåller nya order till ett värde av 1,7 MSEK

SDS har fått två order, till ett sammanlagt värde av 1,7 MSEK, från befintliga kunder som är de ledande mobiloperatörerna i Elfenbenskusten och Kongo. Ordern täcker mjukvarufunktioner som lägger till nya kapaciteter till befintliga operativa kritiska plattformar, vilket underlättar digital distribution av påladdning av förbetalda kontantkort. Leveransen kan utföras av SDS på distans, tack vare en standardiserad och modulär programvaruplattform som gör det möjligt för SDS-experter att arbeta och stödja kunder via internetanslutningar.

SDS receives orders worth SEK 1.7 million

SDS has received two orders, of a combined value of SEK 1.7 million, from existing customers who are the leading mobile operators in Ivory Coast and Congo. The orders cover software functionality that adds new capabilities to the existing operational business critical platforms, which facilitates the digital distribution of prepaid recharge value. The delivery can be executed by SDS remotely, thanks to a standardized and modular software platform which allows SDS experts to work and support customers via internet connections.

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