Operational summary 2018

As the end of 2018 is approaching Petrosibir would like to briefly summarize the efforts during the year. 

In the spring of 2018 the drilling campaign that commenced in 2017 was finalised in Komi with encouraging results. The campaign included drilling of six new wells and subsequent fraccing. The flow rates in the drilled wells varied between 40 and 260 barrels of oil per day.

In the summer Petrosibir focused on a workover program in Bashkiria which included fraccing of wells as well as stabilising the production volumes by water injection and optimisation of pump regimes. The wells that were fracced were #9, drilled in 2016, and #54, and old Soviet well which was successfully re-entered in the end of 2017.

Following the workover program on Ayazovskoye, Petrosibir moved on to the Aysky oil field in Bashkiria where an old well drilled in Soviet times earlier had been identified as a potential candidate to re-enter. Aysky is adjacent to the Ayazovskoye oil field. The well #141 was originally drilled in 1971 but suffered operational problems at the time and was therefore abandoned. Through re-interpretation of old logs Petrosibir identified a possible new net pay in the Orlovsky interval. Following the re-entry the well flowed a total of 150 barrels from Orlovsky and Kyn-Pashinskyi intervals which is very encouraging. Petrosibir discovered a new oil field and already filed a reserve report with the Russian State Reserves Committee. Once approved the Company will apply for a production licence.

Pavel Tetyakov, CEO of Petrosibir, comments: "I am pleased with the positive results achieved by our team in 2018! With relatively small capital investments we have been able to maintain stable production levels and even discovered a new oil field. I am looking forward to continue our work to increase shareholder value in 2019. Finally, since we are coming to the end of 2018, I would like thank our shareholders for continued support and wish you all a Happy New Year!"

Stockholm, December 28, 2018

For more information, please contact:
Pavel Tetyakov, CEO, Petrosibir, tel +46 8 407 1850

Gunnar Danielsson, dep CEO / CFO Petrosibir, tel +46 70 738 0585


About Petrosibir
Petrosibir is a Swedish company focused on exploring and developing concessions in Russia. The company holds licences in the Russian republics of Bashkiria and Komi. Petrosibir's 2P oil and gas reserves amount to 35 million barrels of oil equivalent. The Petrosibir share is traded on the OTC-list at beQuoted under the symbol PSIB-B. 

This is an English translation of the Swedish original. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish original shall prevail.

Produktionsrapport för januari 2019

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under januari 2019 uppgick till 35 767 fat, motsvarande 1 154 fat per dag.

Production report for January 2019

Petrosibir's total oil production in January 2019 amounted to 35,767 barrels, equivalent to 1,154 barrels per day.

Produktionsrapport för december 2018

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under december 2018 uppgick till 34 644 fat, motsvarande 1 118 fat per dag.

Production report for December 2018

Petrosibir's total oil production in December 2018 amounted to 34,644 barrels, equivalent to 1,118 barrels per day.

Operational summary 2018

Produktionsrapport för november 2018

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under november 2018 uppgick till 35 346 fat, motsvarande 1 178 fat per dag.

Production report for November 2018

Petrosibir's total oil production in November 2018 amounted to 35,346 barrels, equivalent to 1,178 barrels per day.

Produktionsrapport för oktober 2018

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under oktober 2018 uppgick till 37 502 fat, motsvarande 1 210 fat per dag.

Production report for October 2018

Petrosibir's total oil production in October 2018 amounted to 37,502 barrels, equivalent to 1,210 barrels per day.

Ny oljefyndighet upptäckt på prospekteringslicensen Aysky i Basjkirien

Petrosibir offentliggör att bolaget framgångsrikt har återöppnat en brunn som borrades under Sovjettiden, #141 på prospekteringslicensen Aysky i Basjkirien.

A new oil field discovery within the Aysky exploration block in Bashkiria

Petrosibir is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully re-entered an old Soviet well #141 within the the Aysky exploration licence in Bashkiria.

Produktionsrapport för september 2018

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under september 2018 uppgick till 40 636 fat, motsvarande 1 355 fat per dag.

Production report for September 2018

Petrosibir's total oil production in September 2018 amounted to 40,636 barrels, equivalent to 1,355 barrels per day.

Resultat från fracking

Results of fraccing

Produktionsrapport för augusti 2018

Petrosibirs sammanlagda oljeproduktion under augusti 2018 uppgick till 43 006 fat, motsvarande1 387 fat per dag.

Nedanstående tabeller sammanfattar den genomsnittliga månatliga och dagliga oljeproduktionen för 2017 och produktionen 2018 för respektive region.

Production report for August 2018

Petrosibir's total oil production in August 2018 amounted to 43,006 barrels, equivalent to 1,387 barrels per day.

The tables below summarises the average monthly / daily production in 2017 and 2018, broken down by region.

Delårsrapport januari - juni 2018

Januari-juni 2018

  • Totala intäkter: 32 (20) mkr
  • Rörelseresultat: 4 (-2) mkr
  • Resultatandel från intressebolag 7 (6) mkr
  • Periodens resultat: 11 (4) mkr
  • Resultat per aktie: 0,36 (0,12)

Interim report January - June 2018

January - June 2018

  • Total revenue: SEK 32 (20) million
  • Operating result: SEK 4 (-2) million
  • Result from equity investment SEK 7 (6)
  • Net result: SEK 11 (4) million
  • Earnings per share: SEK 0.36 (0.12)

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