Puremarkets announces technology partnership with Cobalt for FX and digital asset risk and settlement infrastructure

Puremarkets Limited ("Puremarkets" branded as Pure Digital), a company where Arcane Crypto AB ("Arcane") holds 37.5%, today announced their partnership with Copa Fin Ltd. (trading as Cobalt), a provider of FX and digital asset risk and settlement infrastructure, to bring next-generation credit and post-trade solutions to market.

Cobalt's solution removes the risk of limit breaches and the need for trades to be pre-funded, allowing net settlement to occur according to market best practice and regulatory standards.

Pure Digital will be a fully automated, high throughput OTC market for digital currencies with physical delivery and bank grade custody. Institutional participants will trade on the platform utilising bilateral credit, enabling counterparty control for all trading participants and a significant increase in efficient capital utilisation. This will establish a robust market for price discovery and the exchange of risk. Trading is expected to commence in the second half of 2022.

Pure Digital and Cobalt are both custodian agnostic. Cobalt provides participants with the ability to manage risk through a smart routing mechanism.

As a technology partner, Cobalt will work with Pure Digital and the global trading community to deliver critical institutional trade infrastructure for digital assets. Cobalt's automated platform creates a single version of all digital asset trade data onto a ledger and solves for the real-time management of credit and settlement, reducing operational and counterparty risk.

Institutional participants will be able to trade on Pure Digital through existing Prime Bank / custodial relationships and infrastructure, an area in which Cobalt are market leaders and innovators. The platform will include the industry's approach to best execution and standardised FIX connectivity to minimise trading and technology costs for participants.

Lauren Kiley, CEO of Pure Digital, says: "We are bringing to the wholesale market exactly what has been missing, an interbank marketplace which is transparent, efficient, and bank-grade. Pure Digital is pleased to formalise our cooperation with Cobalt as we share the same vision for the future of wholesale digital currency markets. We look forward to working closely together to deliver the primary venue for digital currency trading," says Campbell Adams, Founder of Pure Digital.

"Digital Assets have been growing as a lucrative trade opportunity, but market infrastructure must be modernised for better control, market access and a secure settlement process," says Darren Coote, CEO of Cobalt. "Through our partnership with Pure Digital, we are focused on enhancing settlement and credit management to deliver a primary venue for participants to trade with minimised risk and cost. Pure Digital's deep market knowledge and banking network makes them an ideal partner to continue our focus on developing a new standard for institutional-grade infrastructure."

For further information, please contact:

Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO, Arcane Crypto AB

e-mail: [email protected]

web: investor.arcanecrypto.se

About Pure Digital:

Pure Digital is an interbank marketplace for digital asset price discovery and exchange of wholesale risk. Pure Digital will provide a best-in-class primary institutional market with a consortium of banks as liquidity providers, custodians, and clearers. Expect meaningful trade size along with price granularity and transparency. The solution also uniquely offers pre-trade bilateral credit and multi/smart custody.

For further information about Puremarkets and the Pure Digital platform please see: https://puredigitalmarkets.com/

Email: [email protected]

About Cobalt:

Cobalt has transformed the FX and Digital Asset market infrastructure by building a middle office platform that is fit for today's high-speed electronic markets.

By creating a single standardised version of each transaction and managing credit in real-time, Cobalt enables all market participants to connect and automate their post-trade functions including confirmations, trade netting, and the management of credit relationships.

Cobalt's high availability, high throughput, Tier 1 secure platform enables the markets leading participants to cut costs, reduce counterparty risk, and increase trading to 24/7.

FX and Digital Assets. Automated. Secured. 24/7.

About Arcane Crypto:

Arcane Crypto develops the infrastructure and products that enable worldwide adoption of bitcoin and digital assets. Arcane is building a platform for users to learn, trade and invest in digital assets, all from one account. Our market leading research content educates our users and builds trust. Arcane achieves scale by providing a platform with open APIs, allowing third parties to develop their own products using our technology and then distribute their product to our users.

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For more information, please visit: https://www.arcane.no/

The Company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Mangold Fondkommission is Certified Adviser, tel. +46 8 5030 1550, e-mail: [email protected], web: www.mangold.se.

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Arcane Research offentliggör avtal med Nexo för att tillhandahålla analystjänster

Arcane Research, ett affärsområde inom Arcane Crypto, offentliggör idag ett avtal gällande analys med Nexo, en av världens ledande institutioner inom digitala tillgångar. Arcane Research kommer producera analys för båda Nexos kundgrupper - retail och premium - och distribuera analys på veckobasis.

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Inbjudan till presentation av Arcane Cryptos delårsrapport Q1 2022

Arcane Crypto bjuder härmed investerare, analytiker och media till en webcastpresentation som hålls av VD Torbjørn Bull Jenssen i samband med att bolagets delårsrapport för första kvartalet 2022 publiceras. Webbsändningen kommer att hållas tisdagen 10 maj 2022 klockan 10:00.

Invitation to presentation of Arcane Crypto's Q1 2022 Interim Report

Arcane Crypto hereby invites investors, analysts and media to a webcast presentation hosted by CEO Torbjørn Bull Jenssen in connection to the publication of the company's Interim Report for the first quarter 2022. The webcast will be held on Tuesday May 10, 2022 at 10:00 CEST.

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