Meltron secures bridge financing 7 MSEK

Meltron has now made an agreement with one of its larger shareholders, who participated significantly in the issue end of last year and who also is holding a significant number of warrants. Per the agreement, the shareholder makes a bridge loan of 700 k€ available for two drawdowns in the period February to May. At the end of the maturity of the warrants of the latest issue (TO3), the loan will be off-set for shares at a price which is the lower of the warrants price (0,85 SEK/share) and the average share price during the period.

- This financing now ensures that Meltron will be able to build up the sales and develop the company according to plan, says Ville Sistonen, CEO of Meltron. We see a lot of progress on a number of fronts and hope to achieve tangible results in the near future. We also see the financing as a vote of confidence from this larger shareholder.

For further information, contact:
Göran Lundgren, chairman, tel: +46 70 467 40 40;
Ville Sistonen, CEO Meltron AB, tel: +358 40 746 4781;

Meltron AB, Embassy House, Linnégatan 89C, 115 23 Stockholm

Meltron Oy, Laivakatu 3, FI-00150 Helsinki


This information is such information which Meltron AB (publ) is obliged to publish under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by contact persons above for publication on 31 January 2020 at 09:30 CET

About Meltron

Meltron AB designs, manufactures and sells LED lighting for select niche markets. Prioritized niches represent applications demanding long life cycles, robust and durable light sources and, from an industrial perspective, short payback periods. Prioritized niche markets are animal stables, industrial lighting and street lighting.

LED lighting is one of world's fastest growing industries. For this sector the annual growth is 47 % and the total market for 2020 is expected at 100 billion USD, according to Edison Research.

The Meltron share is traded on NGM Nordic MTF (NGM Nordic SMR from 3 Feb) under short name MLTR.

First pilot order from gas company in Finland

Meltron has received a pilot order for the EX gas explosion proof lights, a first important order from Gasum Oy, a Finnish state owned gas company with sales of 1.1 bill euro. Gasum distributes biogas and LNG and runs a network of gas filling stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway, primarily for heavy traffic and transportation.

First installation up and running in Oman

Meltron has now successfully installed 28 units so called pylon lights in the Halban Horse Stadium in Oman. The lights are installed in 8 masts of 12m height. The Meltron pylon lights have sophisticated cooling and superior optical features with specific lens technology. The lights can also be made significantly lighter than conventional lights.

Meltron ready to take off 2020!

Meltron AB CEO Ville Sistonen summarizes with satisfaction the work during the half year and is looking forward.

Delårsbokslut för Meltron AB (publ), 556988-9834 Perioden 2019-05-01-2019-10-31

Nyckeltal (Koncern)


Tkr, om inte annat anges



1 087


-3 595

Resultat efter finansiella poster

-3 744


30 698

Eget kapital


Resultat per aktie, kr


Soliditet %


Antal aktier vid periodens slut

93 951 085

Pågående registrering av aktier


Genomsnittligt antal aktier

26 697 914

Aktiekurs på balansdagen, kr


Antal anställda, årsmedeltal


Antal anställda, vid periodens slut


Meltrons rådgivare G&W Fondkommission investerar i bolaget

G&W Fondkommission har agerat finansiell rådgivare i den emission som Meltron nyligen slutförde med en överteckning på 57 %. Bolaget har nu kommit överens med G&W om att G&W, i enlighet med en möjlighet i uppdragsavtalet, kvittar 1 MSEK av arvodet på totalt 2,5 MSEK mot aktier i Meltron till samma kurs som i emissionen, dvs 0,65 SEK/aktie. Inga teckningsoptioner ingår.

Halvårskommunikén nytt datum

Meltron's halvårskommuniké per 2019-10-31 kommer att publiceras onsdag 18 december 2019.

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