Swedavia's Year-End Report 2020: Historic loss due to pandemic - despite early, forceful measures

Swedavia's Year-End Report for 2020 is dominated by the historic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air travel and Swedavia's own operations. Swedavia entered the crisis with a good financial position and carried out drastic measures, but is nonetheless reporting a pre-tax loss of almost 1.7 billion Swedish kronor. The pandemic has also dominated the start of 2021, with very low passenger levels.

"The conditions for running commercial airport operations have been completely upended by the impact of the pandemic. Our passengers disappeared nearly overnight in mid-March, and we lost a total of 30 million passengers during the year. Not since the early 1980s has air travel in Sweden been as low as in 2020. Almost one year on, we note that we are still in the middle of the pandemic and that travel early in the year is still at historically low levels. However, right now it is still a matter of all of us taking responsibility to fight the pandemic," says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's president and CEO.

For the full year, travel at Swedavia's airports decreased 74 per cent to 10,255,000 passengers compared to 40,157,000 passengers in 2019. Swedavia's net revenue totalled SEK 2,494 M (6,235) in 2020, a decrease of SEK 3,710 M compared to the year before. Operating profit was SEK -1,593 M (709).

"Swedavia entered the crisis with a very good financial position. However, the pandemic has had an impact on our business in an exceptional way. We have mainly variable sales revenue and fixed costs. Despite our drastic measures to counter the effects of the pandemic and although we have succeeded in cutting costs by one billion kronor on an annual basis, we are reporting a loss for 2020 and that is the first time in Swedavia's history," Jonas Abrahamsson notes.

In line with Swedavia's mission to provide access, all of Swedavia's airports have been open during the crisis to provide the travel that has been possible for personal reasons, business, cargo flights and other air transport essential to society. Alongside this, the company has continued its important climate change work, which despite the crisis and economic challenges has been a priority.

"Since it was formed in 2010, Swedavia has worked hard to minimise emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from its own operations and is today considered a world leader in developing climate-smart airports. In December, Swedavia became the first airport operator in the world to reach the goal of zero emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from its own operations. Many operations work together at an airport to make air travel possible, and the next step is for all companies and other organisations that operate at Swedavia's airports to be fossil-free," Jonas Abrahamsson adds.

Among the measures implemented, all of Swedavia's vehicles and engine-powered equipment now run on renewable fuel, and all the company's buildings, including the terminals, are heated and cooled using green electricity and renewable fuels.

The start of 2021 continues to be dominated by the pandemic, and passenger volume at Swedavia's airports in January remained at historically low levels. There is potential for a recovery in time for the summer season, which is so important for the aviation industry. But there is at present great uncertainty about the trend, so the vaccine rollout, pandemic and travel restrictions will be critical. All in all, Swedavia expects that 2021 will also be dominated by the pandemic.

"The economic, social and cultural consequences of reduced mobility and access that we have seen over the past year show just how important travel and meetings are for our way of living and thus also how important they will be in order for our societies and economies to recover. Air travel connects the world, and in order to do this in the future as well, the transition to fossil-free aviation will also need to continue even in times of crisis," says Jonas Abrahamsson.

The complete Year-End Report is available on Swedavia's website: About Swedavia - Financial information: www.swedavia.com/about-swedavia/financial-information/.

For further information, please contact Robert Pletzin, Head of Media Relations at Swedavia, or Swedavia's press office at tel. +46 (0)10-109 01 00 or press@swedavia.se.

This is information that Swedavia AB (publ) is required to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Market Act. The information was provided by the contact person above for publication on February 10, 2021, at 16:00. CET.

The Swedavia Group owns, operates and develops ten airports across Sweden. Our role is to create the access Sweden needs to facilitate travel, business and meetings. Safe, satisfied passengers are the foundation of Swedavia's business. Swedavia is a world leader in developing airports with the least possible environmental impact. The Group had revenue of about 2.5 billion kronor in 2020 and has nearly 2,600 employees.

Swedavias halvårsrapport för januari-juni 2021: Försiktig återhämtning men fortsatt stor osäkerhet

Trots en påtaglig ljusning under andra kvartalets senare del är Swedavias verksamhet fortsatt mycket kraftigt påverkad av covid-19-pandemins effekter. Bolagets nettoomsättning uppgick under kvartalet till 483 MSEK. Rörelseresultat uppgick till -489 MSEK. För femte kvartalet i rad redovisar bolaget därmed en betydande förlust och trots att återhämtningen inletts är situationen fortfarande ansträngd.

Swedavia's interim report for January-June 2021: Cautious recovery but continued great uncertainty

Despite a significant improvement during the latter part of the second quarter, Swedavia's operations continue to be severely impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company's net revenue for the quarter totalled SEK 483 M. Operating profit was SEK -489 M. The company thus reported a significant loss for the fifth straight quarter, and in spite of the start of the recovery the situation is still strained.

Swedavia höll årsstämma

Onsdagen den 28 april 2021 höll Swedavia AB årsstämma.

Swedavias delårsrapport för första kvartalet 2021: Dramatiskt minskat resande och fortsatt kraftiga förluster trots åtgärder och stöd

Swedavias resultat för första kvartalet är kraftigt påverkat av covid-19-pandemins effekter på resandet. Resandet vid bolagets flygplatser minskade under perioden med 86 procent, vilket får till följd att Swedavia för fjärde kvartalet i följd redovisar en förlust. Rörelseresultatet uppgår till -381 MSEK. Bolagets nettoomsättning minskade med 63 procent till 457 MSEK (1 245 MSEK).

Swedavia's First Quarter 2021 interim report: Dramatic decline in traffic and continued heavy losses despite measures and aid

Swedavia's first quarter results were strongly affected by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on travel. During the period, travel at the company's airports decreased 86 per cent, thus making it the fourth straight quarter that Swedavia has reported a loss. Operating profit was SEK -381 M. The company's net revenue decreased 63 per cent to SEK 457 M (SEK 1,245 M).

Swedavia når milstolpe i klimatomställningsarbetet - Swedavias egen flygplatsverksamhet nu fossilfri

Strax före årsskiftet och som en av de första flygplatsoperatörerna i världen blev den verksamhet som drivs i Swedavias regi vid bolagets tio flygplatser fossilfri. Det konstaterar bolaget i sin års- och hållbarhetsredovisning för 2020. Swedavia arbetar nu vidare med att stötta andra flygplatsaktörer att ställa om, med särskilt fokus på flygets klimatomställning.

Swedavia reaches milestone in its climate work - Swedavia's own airport operations now fossil-free

Just before the end of last year, Swedavia became one of the first airport operators in the world to have the operations it runs under its own management at its ten airports be fossil-free. The company notes this milestone in its Annual and Sustainability Report 2020. Swedavia is now extending that work to supporting other companies and organisations at its airports in transforming their operations, with a special focus on reducing climate impact of the Swedish aviation industry.

Swedavias bokslutskommuniké 2020: Historisk förlust till följd av pandemin - trots tidiga och kraftfulla åtgärder

Swedavias bokslutskommuniké för 2020 präglas av covid-19-pandemins historiska påverkan på flygresandet och Swedavias egen verksamhet. Swedavia gick in i krisen med en god finansiell ställning och vidtog tidigt drastiska åtgärder, men redovisar trots det en förlust före skatt på närmare 1,7 miljarder kronor. Även inledningen av 2021 präglas starkt av pandemin, med mycket låga resandenivåer.

Swedavia's Year-End Report 2020: Historic loss due to pandemic - despite early, forceful measures

Swedavia's Year-End Report for 2020 is dominated by the historic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air travel and Swedavia's own operations. Swedavia entered the crisis with a good financial position and carried out drastic measures, but is nonetheless reporting a pre-tax loss of almost 1.7 billion Swedish kronor. The pandemic has also dominated the start of 2021, with very low passenger levels.

Swedavia säkrar finansiering genom Nordiska investeringsbanken

Swedavia och Nordiska investeringsbanken (NIB) har tecknat ett låneavtal på 500 miljoner kronor.

Swedavia secures financing through Nordic Investment Bank

Swedavia and the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) have signed a SEK 500 million loan agreement.

Swedavias delårsrapport för januari-september 2020: Långsam återhämtning och hög osäkerhet

Swedavias delårsrapport för januari-september 2020 präglas av covidpandemins dramatiska effekter på flygresandet och Swedavias verksamhet. Under perioden reste 8,7 miljoner resenärer vid Swedavias flygplatser, en minskning med hela 22 miljoner resenärer jämfört med föregående år. Nettoomsättningen minskade till 2 040 MSEK (4 671) och rörelseresultatet blev -717 MSEK (721). Exklusive omstruktureringskostnader och realisationsvinster uppgick rörelseresultatet till -1 098 MSEK (775).

Swedavia's Interim Report for January-September 2020: Slow recovery and high level of uncertainty

Swedavia's Interim Report for January-September 2020 is dominated by the dramatic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on air travel and Swedavia's operations. During the period, 8.7 million passengers flew to or from Swedavia's airports, a decrease of a full 22 million passengers compared to the same period in 2019. Net revenue decreased to SEK 2,040 M (4,671) and operating profit was SEK -717 M (721). Excluding restructuring costs and capital gains, operating profit was SEK -1,098 M (775).

Swedavias halvårsrapport januari-juni 2020: Mot ett nytt normalläge

Covid-19-pandemins påverkan på flygresandet har under första halvåret 2020 varit omfattande - internationellt och i Sverige. Särskilt dramatisk var utvecklingen under andra kvartalet, då 321 000 passagerare (10,7 miljoner) reste till eller från Swedavias flygplatser. Det är en minskning med 97 procent, vilket bidrog till att bolagets nettoomsättning under kvartalet minskade med cirka 1,3 miljarder kronor. I juni beslutade Swedavias ägare, den svenska staten, om att lämna ett kapitaltillskott på 3 150 MSEK och under periodens sista veckor uppvisade flygmarknaden tendenser på att en återhämtning påbörjats. Samtidigt tyder mycket på att marknaden går mot ett nytt normalläge med nya förutsättningar efter pandemin.

Swedavia's January-June 2020 interim report: Towards a new normal

The Covid-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on air travel during the first six months of 2020 - internationally and in Sweden. The trend was particularly dramatic during the second quarter, when 321,000 passengers (10.7 million) flew to or from Swedavia's airports. That is a decrease of 97 per cent. As a result, the company's net revenue decreased about 1.3 billion Swedish kronor. In June, Swedavia's owner - the Swedish State - decided to provide a 3.15 billion kronor capital injection, and during the last few weeks of the quarter, the aviation market showed signs that a recovery had begun. Meanwhile, there are many indicators that the market is moving towards a new normal with new conditions following the pandemic.

Swedavias finansiella ställning stärks genom ägartillskott på 3.150 Mkr

Swedavias ägare, den svenska staten, föreslås lämna ett ägartillskott på 3.150 Mkr för att säkra Swedavias finansiella ställning.

Swedavia's financial position strengthened through SEK 3.15 billion shareholder contribution

Swedavia's owner, the Swedish State, proposes the provision of a shareholder contribution of 3.15 billion Swedish kronor to secure Swedavia's financial position.

Swedavias årsstämma väljer nya styrelseledamöter

Vid årsstämman i Swedavia AB onsdagen den 29 april 2020 valdes ett flertal nya styrelseledamöter. Swedavias styrelse består därmed av nio ledamöter.

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