Segulah successfully divests Semantix, the leading language technology company for multilingual services in the Nordics, marking the third exit for Fund V in 2021

Segulah Fund V has divested Semantix International Group AB ("Semantix") to TransPerfect Global, Inc., the world's largest provider of language and technology so-lutions for global business.

Semantix is today the leading provider of language services and solutions in the Nordic region. Segulah acquired the business in 2015 and has over the course of the ownership period supported the transformation from a local interpreting services provider to market leader for multilingual solutions across the Nordics.

The transition has been led by Segulah through a strategic repositioning of the business, combined with a targeted M&A strategy to consolidate the Nordic markets. Through these initiatives Semantix has grown language solutions revenue and EBITDA by 3x and 10x respectively during the ownership period.

Semantix CEO Patrik Attemark commented, "Semantix has undergone a significant stra-tegic transformation over the past four years and merging with TransPerfect is a true testament to the successful execution of our strategy. While Semantix is the market leader in the Nordics, we feel that access to TransPerfect's global presence, expanded resources and technology offerings, will allow us to better service our clients on a global scale."

"Semantix, a B2B services business active in a market driven by digitalisation, has repre-sented a perfect fit with Segulah's investment strategy. Through contributing capital to execute add-ons, attracting new top talent and active management Segulah has led the transformation of the business that has resulted in a successful exit for the Segulah Fund V.", says Oskar Oxenstierna, Director at Segulah Advisor AB.

For further information, please visit or contact:

Oskar Oxenstierna, Director, Segulah Advisor AB +46 73 909 09 47, [email protected]

Patrik Attemark, CEO, Semantix +46 70 166 56 01, [email protected]

Segulah, whose mission statement reads "We invest in the backbone of modern society", is a private equity firm focused on mid-market buyouts in the Nordic region. We solely invest within three verticals - B2B services, light manufacturing, and IT and technology services - areas in which team members have a long-standing and proven track record. Opportunities are targeted in markets benefitting from macro trends which the team has identified as particularly relevant for the Nordic region, including investments in smart urbanisation and infrastructure renewal, the increased modernisation and automation of industries, as well as the improvement of production and service-delivery efficiency via digitalisation. Our business model builds on active ownership where we add capital, industrial competence and strategic focus. Segulah Advisor AB is the exclusive investment advisor to the funds Segulah IV, Segulah V and Segulah VI.

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