Raytelligence restructures the business

The focus in 2021 has been on sales to municipalities through largely sales consultants and the outcome in the form of orders and revenues has not been as expected.

We are therefore shifting our market focus towards organizations with back-end systems that deliver services to the municipalities. This contributes to the sales process becoming more technically oriented. We already have a number of partners of this kind that we will focus on.

For the health area, there is today the certified product EaZense with the functions presence, case detection and "people counting".

To further benefit from the development of EaZense, a number of application areas in the industrial market will be processed. Examples are personal safety in exposed environments and non-contact machine monitoring for planned maintenance. Here we have an opportunity to contribute with unique solutions.

"With this strategy together with the fact that we reduce sales costs, we achieve positive cash flow much faster," says Per-Arne Viberg, CEO of Raytelligence.

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About Raytelligence AB (publ)

Raytelligence is a Swedish innovation company, based in Halmstad that offers products for monitoring vital parameters, ie breathing, heart rate and movement patterns, based on the company's own 60 GHz radar technology.

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