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Raytelligence - Innowearable and Eleiko Group to collaborate on the sensor Inno-X

Innowearable AB and Eleiko Group AB have decided to collaborate on the sensor Inno-X to provide weightlifters a tool to optimize their training.

In the last couple of years, Innowearable has developed the unique Inno-X sensor to give athletes a tool that can indicate, objectively, how ready their muscles are for a training session (readiness), how much you have exerted yourself during a training session (fatigue), as well as how one's recovery looks between training sessions (recovery).

The sensor measures EMG and accelerometer data from the thigh muscles and from this acquire information on muscle fatigue. The sensor uses machine learning and the algorithms have currently been trained on cyclists, but we see great potential to expand and cover other sports.

The aim of the collaboration with Eleiko is for the sensor to be applied to weightlifting, CrossFit and other forms of strength training. This requires data collection and data analysis.

"The potential for Inno-X grows in step with its development and we are now ready to start collecting data on strength training in general and weightlifting specifically. A collaboration with Eleiko opens many exciting possibilities. Says Erik Viberg, CEO at Innowearable

"Inno-X means very exciting possibilities for both weightlifting and other elite sports when it comes to being able to optimize their training. Getting information about how effective the training is for the muscles means that coaches and athletes can both increase performance and prevent injuries. We believe that this product, with its degree of innovation and simplicity, can become an important tool in many sports in the future." says Eleiko's CEO Erik Blomberg

Questions are referred to:

Peter Martinson, CFO Raytelligence

[email protected]

+46 708 14 64 65


Erik Blomberg, CEO Eleiko

[email protected]

+ 46 765 26 06 18

About Raytelligence AB (publ)

Raytelligence is a Swedish innovation company, based in Halmstad that offers products for monitoring both in healthcare and industry, based on the company's own 60 GHz radar technology and sport.


About Eleiko Group AB

Eleiko works to make people stronger so they can perform better - in their sport and in life.

For over 65 years, Eleiko has been the world's leading supplier to international weightlifting, powerlifting and other sports. Eleiko are uniquely certified by the IWF, IPF and WPPO and over 1000 world records have been broken with the company's barbells.

Eleiko has its headquarters in Halmstad and subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, Norway, Germany, France and Spain. For more information, visit www.eleiko.com

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