Annual General Meeting of Prolight Diagnostics AB (publ) on 20 May 2022

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Prolight Diagnostics AB (publ) took place on Friday 20 May 2022. The AGM was conducted by way of postal voting, without the physical presence of shareholders. Full information regarding the decisions of the AGM is available on the companys website,

Resolution regarding the adoption of the income statement and the balance sheet, as well as discharge from liability

The AGM resolved to adopt the income statement and the balance sheet for the Company for the previous financial year. The board of directors and the managing director were discharged from liability for the same period.

Resolution on the appropriation of the companys profit in accordance with the adopted balance sheet

The AGM resolved that no dividend be paid for the previous financial year, and that the profit will be carried forward.

Board of directors

The AGM resolved that the board of directors shall consist of six board members and no deputies. Masoud Khayyami, Maria Holmlund, and Ulf Bladin were re-elected as board members, while Steve Ross, Aileen McGettrick, and Tobias Volker were elected as new board members. Masoud Khayyami was elected as new chairman of the board.

Resolution pertaining to directors fees

The AGM resolved that a fee of SEK 200,000 be allocated to the chairman of the board and that a fee of SEK 120,000 be allocated to each of the other board members. The said fees include remuneration for committee work, if applicable. A board member who is employed by the Company or any of its subsidiaries shall not receive a fee.


The AGM resolved to re-elect the registered accounting firm, Mazars AB, as the companys auditor until the end of the next AGM. The authorized auditor, Jesper Ahlkvist, will serve as the auditor in charge. Fees to the auditor are paid against approved invoices.

Nomination committee

The AGM resolved to approve the proposal of the nomination committee regarding principles for the appointment of the nomination committee, as well as instructions for the nomination committee.

Authorization of the Board of Directors to resolve on issue of shares, warrants and/or convertible instruments

The AGM resolved, in accordance with the boards proposal, to authorize the board to, on one or several occasions during the period until the next AGM, issue new shares, warrants, and/or convertibles to a maximum of 35 percent of the Companys share capital at the time of the AGM 2022. The board of directors is authorized to issue new shares, warrants, and/or convertibles with deviation from the shareholders preferential rights and/or provisions for contribution in kind, set-off or other conditions. The complete proposal containing additional conditions is included in the notification of the AGM.

For additional information, please contact:
Prolight Diagnostics AB (publ)
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Prolight Diagnostics, together with the subsidiary Psyros Diagnostics and technology partners, develops innovative, flexible, patient-centered test systems, Point Of Care Testing (POCT), which is based on patented technology. POC tests are performed outside the traditional hospital laboratory with small mobile instruments in, for example, health centers, nursing homes, emergency rooms and intensive care units, which enables testing close to the patient and with fast test results. This technology will mean that care at an early stage of diagnosis can distinguish the patients who need care quickly from the patients who, for example, do not have a heart attack. The global sales value in the POCT area amounted to USD 29.1 billion in 2020 and is growing strongly.

The companys shares are traded under the short name PRLD on the marketplace NGM Nordic SME. G&W Fondkommission is the mentor, telephone: 08-503 000 50.

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Fyra viktiga nyrekryteringar för fortsatt utvecklingsarbete

Prolight Diagnostics kan nu kommunicera lyckosamma rekryteringar till fyra viktiga positioner i det helägda brittiska dotterbolaget Psyros Diagnostics. Som tidigare kommunicerats förvärvades bolaget i början av året och arbetet med fortsatt utveckling av Psyros unika digitala immunanalysplattform fortskrider enligt plan. Tre av de nyrekryterade är redan i fullt arbete: Senior Scientist Marc Swayne, System Engineer Sam Fincham samt Mechanical Engineer Daniel Hollands.

Four important new recruitments for continuous progress

Prolight Diagnostics is pleased to announce successful recruitments to four key positions in its fully owned UK subsidiary Psyros Diagnostics. As previously announced, the company was acquired in the beginning of the year and the work on the continuous development of Psyros' unique digital immunoassay platform is progressing according to plan. Three of the new recruits are already in full employment: Senior Scientist Marc Swayne, Systems Engineer Sam Fincham and Mechanical Engineer Daniel Hollands.

Prolight Diagnostics publicerar kvartalsrapport 1, 2022

Finansiell översikt

Första kvartalet Q1 2022 koncern, (bildad 1 mars 2022)

  • Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 0.
  • Övriga rörelseintäkter uppgick till 1 298 TSEK.
  • Resultatet efter skatt uppgick till -3 674 TSEK.
  • Resultat per aktie: -0,02 SEK.
  • Kassaflödet från den löpande verksamheten var 3 225 TSEK.
  • Likvida medel uppgick till 39 827 TSEK per 31 mars 2022.

Första kvartalet Q1 moderbolag 1 januari till 31 mars 2022

  • Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 0 (0).
  • Övriga rörelseintäkter uppgick till 144 (1) TSEK.
  • Resultatet efter skatt uppgick till -2 554 (-1 459) TSEK.
  • Resultat per aktie: -0,02 (-0,01) SEK.
  • Kassaflödet från den löpande verksamheten var -2 382 (- 1250) TSEK.
  • Likvida medel uppgick till 33 560 (49 876) TSEK per 31 mars 2022.

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