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Greetings from JonDeTech!

As we get closer to the holiday season and the new year, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the support we received during 2022.

It has been an exciting and challenging year for JonDeTech, not least due to our determination to reach the business results we have been targeting for so long. We made a huge breakthrough when we in November announced the readiness of Working Samples of JIRS30, our nano-sensor element.

Even though this was a major milestone and hurdle that the company have striving for, this was not an endpoint but rather the starting point of several new activities. So, after this announcement we have been very busy.

Firstly, we focus more than ever on reaching the next step in the commercialization of JIRS30 - Engineering Samples. We have finalized the development of the production line and are now producing sensor elements in a steady stream. For each batch of sensor elements, we are improving the production quality, yield and product performance.

Secondly, spurred by our progress in production, we have increased our efforts to fulfil our go-to market strategy. Recently we onboarded sales directors in both Sweden and Taipei, and we are now approaching customers in the segments defined in our go-to market plan. In less than a month we have doubled the number of active leads in our sales funnel which gives a good starting point for revenue growth.

Thanks to reaching the milestone Working Sample, we also see an increased interest in JonDeTech from customers, partners, and investors. This is creating a lot of opportunities which we are currently evaluating.

I am also happy to see that we are getting many requests for Evaluation Kits and samples. Already with the next batch of completed, we will be able to start shipping JIRS30 sensor elements to customers for evaluation and testing purposes. This will open up for new opportunities and relationships that will be important for JonDeTech in the long run. 

For latest news and investor presentations I would recommend you to follow our You Tube channel, and also make sure you sign up for our emails on our Newspage. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

We look forward in taking JonDeTech to its full potential and share this with all of you in 2023, as we bring our products to the market.

Meanwhile, on behalf of all of us at JonDeTech, I would like to again thank you for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy New Year!

Dean Tosic

CEO JonDeTech Sensors AB

For more information, please contact:

Dean Tosic, CEO JonDeTech, phone: +46 73 994 85 70, mail: [email protected]

About JonDeTech

JonDeTech is a supplier of sensor technology. The company markets a portfolio of IR sensor elements based on proprietary nanotechnology and silicon MEMS. The nanoelements are extremely thin, built-in flexible plastic, and can be manufactured in high volumes at a low cost, which opens up for a variety of applications, such as temperature and heat flow measurements, presence detection, and gas detection. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Redeye is the company's Certified Adviser. Read more at www.jondetech.se or see how the IR sensor works at www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vEc3dRsDq8.

JonDeTech adderar en ny paketerad IR-sensor, JIRS40, till portföljen

I tillägg till det egenutvecklade nanosensor-elementet JIRS30 och det sourcade kisel mems-elementet JIRS10 stärker nu JonDeTechs sin hårdvaruportfölj ytterligare med en paketerad IR-sensor, JIRS40. JIRS40 är i likhet med JIRS10 baserat på kisel mems men är en paketerad produkt som innehåller sensor, förstärkare, termistor, optiskt filter samt inkapsling. Sensorelementet som JIRS40 baseras på finns redan tillgänglig i volym.

JonDeTech adds a new packaged IR sensor, JIRS40, to the portfolio

In addition to the in-house developed nanosensor element JIRS30 and the sourced silicon mems element JIRS10, JonDeTechs further strengthens its hardware portfolio with a packaged IR sensor, JIRS40. JIRS40, like JIRS10, is based on silicon mems but is a packaged product that contains a sensor, amplifier, thermistor, optical filter, and encapsulation. In addition, the sensor element on which the JIRS40 is based is already available in volume.

Teckningskurs för nyttjandet av teckningsoptioner av serie TO1 i JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) har fastställts till 0,42 SEK per aktie och nyttjandeperioden inleds onsdag den 1 feb.

JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" eller "Bolaget") emitterade i samband med Bolagets företrädesemission under det fjärde kvartalet 2022 teckningsoptioner av serie TO1. Varje teckningsoption ger rätt att teckna en (1) ny aktie i Bolaget. Teckningskursen har fastställts till 0,42 per aktie. Nyttjandeperioden för teckningsoptioner av serie TO1 löper från och med den 1 februari 2023 till och med den 15 februari 2023.

The subscription price for the exercise of warrants of series TO1 in JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) has been set at SEK 0.42 per share, and the exercise period starts on February 1

JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" or the "Company") issued warrants of series TO1 in connection with the Company's rights issue that was carried in the fourth quarter of 2022. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company. The subscription price has been set at 0.42 per share. The exercise period for the TO1 warrants runs from 1 February 2023 up to and including 15 February 2023.

JonDeTech effektiviserar organisationen för att fokusera på försäljning och produktion av Engineering Samples till sina kunder

Den nyligen uppnådda framgången med milstolpen "working samples" för nanosensorn JIRS30 gör det möjligt för JonDeTech att leverera produktprover till kunder. Därför omkalibrerar och optimerar företaget nu organisationen mot ökade kommersiella marknadsförings- och försäljningsaktiviteter samt produktion av "engineering samples" för sina kunders utvärderings- och design-in-projekt.

JonDeTech streamlines the organization to focus on sales and production of Engineering Samples to its customers

The recent success in achieving the milestone "working sample" with the nano sensor JIRS30 enables JonDeTech to deliver product samples to customers. Therefore, the company is now recalibrating and optimizing the organization towards increased commercial marketing and sales activities as well as the production of engineering samples for its customers evaluation and design-in projects.

JonDeTech tecknar MoU med kinesiska Sunshine Technologies avseende utveckling av mobilapplikation för termiska bilder

I december 2020 meddelade JonDeTech att man erhållit ett patent för en applikation som med hjälp av en enklare IR-sensor kan läsa av den infraröda strålningen för att måla upp termiska bilder med en smartphone. Nu har bolaget tecknat en avsiktsförklaring, ett så kallat Memorandum of Understanding, med det kinabaserade sensorbolaget Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co. om att gemensamt utveckla en prototyp för denna applikation.

JonDeTech signs MoU with Chinese Sunshine Technologies regarding development of mobile application for thermal images

In December 2020, JonDeTech announced that it had received a patent for an application that can read infrared radiation to paint thermal images with a smartphone using a simpler IR sensor. Now the company has signed a declaration of intent, a so-called Memorandum of Understanding, with the China-based sensor company Shanghai Sunshine Technologies Co. about jointly developing a prototype for this application.

Hälsningar från JonDeTech!

Greetings from JonDeTech!

JonDeTech offentliggör utfall i företrädesemission av units


Styrelsen för JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("Bolaget" eller "JonDeTech") offentliggör idag utfallet i den emission av units med företrädesrätt för Bolagets aktieägare som offentliggjordes den 14 oktober 2022 ("Företrädesemissionen"). Företrädesemissionen tecknades till 54,8 procent med och utan stöd av uniträtter. Totalt tecknades 44 846 059 units med stöd av uniträtter, motsvarande cirka 52,9 procent av Företrädesemissionen, och 1 607 427 units utan stöd av uniträtter, motsvarande cirka 1,9 procent av Företrädesemissionen. Resterande garanterad del av Företrädesemissionen, motsvarande 11 654 734 units eller cirka 13,7 procent, tilldelas emissionsgaranter och JonDeTech tillförs därmed totalt cirka 29,1 MSEK före emissionskostnader.

JonDeTech announces outcome of rights issue of units

The Board of Directors of JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) (the "Company" or "JonDeTech") announces the outcome of the rights issue of units with preferential rights for the existing shareholders, announced on 14 October 2022 (the "Rights Issue"). The Rights Issue was 54.8 percent subscribed for with and without the support of unit rights. In total, 44,846,059 units were subscribed for with the support of unit rights, representing approximately 52.9 percent of the Rights Issue, and 1,607,427 units were subscribed for without the support of unit rights, representing approximately 1.9 percent of the Rights Issue. The remaining guaranteed part of the Rights Issue, corresponding to 11,654,734 units or approximately 13.7 percent, will be allocated to guarantors and JonDeTech will thereby receive a total of approximately SEK 29.1 million before issue costs.

JonDeTech offentliggör EU-tillväxtprospekt med anledning av förestående företrädesemission


JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" eller "Bolaget") publicerar EU-tillväxtprospekt med anledning av den företrädesemission som beslutades av styrelsen den 14 oktober 2022 och godkändes av extra bolagsstämma den 16 november 2022 ("Företrädesemissionen"). Prospektet har idag godkänts och registrerats av Finansinspektionen och finns nu tillgängligt på Bolagets hemsida.

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