Imsys AB signs Letter of Intent for IM 4000

  • Volume sales of IM 4000
  • Three year agreement with Mindchip to be finalized within 2 weeks

Imsys AB, the Swedish microprocessor company, and Mindchip a company with sales and marketing operations, have entered into a "Letter of Intent" where Mindchip will purchase Imsys IM 4000 processor in a mini-range of between 0.5 M and 1 M units per year during a 3-year contract period. The annual volumes corresponds to a sales value per year, of minimum SEK 4-8 million.

The Parties expect to complete an agreement with full terms and conditions within 14 days.

This information is information that Imsys AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation, MAR. The information was submitted for publication on 9 June 2021 at 08:40 CET

This press message is a translation from the original which was published in Swedish, prior to this English version. In any and all legal considerations, the press message published in Swedish serves as the company's official version.

For more information, please contact:

Magnus Stuart, CEO, +46 706 211 350


Imsys AB (publ) is a Swedish based high tech microprocessor company with focus on AI, founded in 1981. The company is a lead designer and developer of high performance, low energy consumption, flexible microprocessor solutions for AI applications. Imsys ALICE technology offers advantages in EDGE AI applications for automotive, security, computer centers, 5G mobile communication, block-chain and image recognition.

The company's shares are listed on NGM SME market

Göteborg Corporate Finance serves as Imsys appointed mentor and is available on telephone +46 31 13 82 30.

This PM contains forward-looking statements which reflect the Company's current view of future events and the Company's operational and financial performance. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward- looking statements are reasonable, there can be no guarantees that these expectations will prove to be correct. Forward-looking statements only express the Company's assessments and assumptions at the time of the PM. The Company makes no commitment to publish updates or revisions of forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or similar circumstances other than as required under applicable securities laws or regulations or applicable stock exchange rules.

IMSYS is awarded research grant to develop its AI technology for applications in Cybersecurity for IoT

Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency, has on 2 July 2021 awarded a research grant to Imsys AB, for a project in the area of "Cyber Security for Advanced Industrial Digitization", with designation "Smart and secure Gateway for the Internet of Things". The project "Smart and secure Gateway for IoT" is coordinated by RISE ( Uppsala University, Imsys AB, Wittra Sweden AB and IoT Bridge AB are participating in the project.

The project proves a breakthrough for Imsys ALICE platform, which in the project serves as the projects platform in developing AI applications for Cyber Security solutions on IoT Gateways. The need to develop smart Cyber Security solutions is ever increasing. We have recently witnessed unwanted damage from global hacker attacks underlining the never ending demand for better Cyber Security. The application area is commercially interesting.

IMSYS beviljas forskningsmedel för att utveckla sin AI teknik inom cybersäkerhet

Vinnova som är Sveriges Innovationsmyndighet, beviljade den 2 juli 2021, bidrag till Imsys för ett projekt inom området "Cybersäkerhet för avancerad industriell Digitalisering", kallat "Smart och säker Gateway för sakernas internet".

Projektet "Smart och säker Gateway för IoT" koordineras av RISE ( Uppsala Universitet, Imsys AB, Wittra Sweden AB och IoT Bridge AB deltar i projektet. Projektet innebär ett genombrott för Imsys ALICE plattform som i projektet prövas för AI applikationer inom cybersäkerhet för IoT. Behovet att utveckla smarta cybersäkerhetslösningar ökar. Bara de senaste dagarnas hackerattacker visar på detta. Applikationsområdet bedöms som kommersiellt intressant.

Imsys AB: Bokslutskommuniké för verksamhetsåret 2020-21

Verksamhetsåret 1 maj 2020- 30 april 2021 har inneburit ett genombrott för Imsys. Genom publicitet och direkta kontakter har information om Bolagets lösningar och teknik nått ut till potentiella kunder, till intressenter och till aktiemarknaden.

De mål som ställdes upp inför noteringsbeslutet har uppnåtts.

Imsys AB: Month of May Letter from the CEO

Imsys' business continues to develop in a positive direction at a high pace.

· The launch of IM4000 is developing according to plan

· Two more patent applications will be filed in June 2021!

Imsys AB: Månadsbrev för maj från VD Magnus Stuart

Imsys verksamhet fortsätter att utvecklas i positiv riktning med högt tempo.

  • Lanseringen av IM4000 utvecklas enligt plan
  • Två ytterligare patentansökningar lämnas in under juni 2021

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