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Imsys AB: Monthly Letter from CEO

A March letter reporting business to develop positively. Imsys attracting new shareholders and the share price is in rising. Imsys' internal evaluations indicating that our technology, ALICE, is competitive in a market that is expected to reach sales volumes of USD 5 billion by 2025. IM4000 is approaching its launch and may start generating revenue soon.

On March 16, Imsys submitted its first interim report. I note that we have since, attracted new shareholders and a rising stock price. We understand how important it is to inform about Imsys unique technology, the Company's development plans as well as events of importance in our markets and also preferably state the dates for when significant milestones in our development will be reached. That is why we work on increasing the visibility of Imsys in different markets and on relevant platforms. We see that the website is visited by competitors, potential partners from various industries from around the world.

Imsys is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with solutions for massive computation. Our technology is also energy efficient. Imsys agrees with a recent statement from Bill Gates: "The green premium needs to be as low as to make sense to switch." Our technology is green and you pay nothing extra for that.

With Imsys ALICE solution, we position ourselves strongly for the emerging AI market. ALICE is Imsys' computing technology for AI. Our current assessment for the target market in 2025, forecasts a turnover of USD 5 Billion. (Source: Mckinsey 2019). In our internal market and product evaluations, Imsys percieves that ALICE performance is competes successfully with the world's most powerful AI processors.

Our target market is driven by global industrial companies that currently develop their AI applications for a next generation of products. Their AI applications have many different purposes; in the field of optimizing work for industrial robots, controlling guiding systems in driverless vehicles through busy warehouses or interpreting radar signals on vehicles in dense traffic. Imsys marketing work is therefore focused on creating direct contacts with industrial partners (Business-to-Business). We want to demonstrate how ALICE will solve their needs.

Imsys' business model consists of two parts. We offer expertise in partner collaboration for solutions of customer-specific AI applications, and offer our technology platforms; ALICE and IM4000.

Brief information on IM 4000; this is a next generation development of IM 3000. The product is a flexible control processor for embedded systems with a novel software stack that caters to larger markets than its predecessor IM3000. IM 4000 is planned for launching during the second quarter of 2021.

In two previous monthly letters, I have described Imsys Roadmap for ALICE. Our Roadmap consists of five development stages that extend from today until 2024/25. Activities are now underway in step 1, as well as step 2 and preparations for step 3. Step 1 demonstrates ALICE basic designs, step 2 verifies systems architecture and solution. Step 3 verifies that a few critical systems within ALICE work as intended, through testing in a limited silicon chip.

Step 3 is planned to be completed during the first half year 2022. In step 4, we control that the entire ALICE systems performs as intended for a silicon circuit. We estimate that this will happen in 2023/24. Step 5 occurs in 2024 targeting release of ALICE as commercial IP. This step opens for license agreements with license revenues and royalties. Milestone Payments timed with Roadmap may be timed within each partnership.

The above information is a cautious assessment of current timing of the steps in Imsys Roadmap. As always when it comes to assessments of what will happen in the future, uncertainties remain present all the way.

Artificial Intelligence is a gigantic growth opportunity for Imsys. For the semiconductor industry, AI is a market transition from delivering standard circuits to a limited number of manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops and servers, in to delivering IP and technology to a multitude of industrial companies, each creating their unique AI solutions for their many industrial products. This transition will benefit companies of pure design and development as Industrial Companies' AI solutions all must be integrated in their established industrial products.

Spring in Stockholm is finally on its way - both for Imsys and for AI!


This press message (PM) is a translation from the original which was published in Swedish, prior to this English version. In any and all legal considerations, the press message in Swedish serves as the company's official version.

The PM contains forward-looking statements which reflect the Company's current view of future events and the Company's operational and financial performance. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward- looking statements are reasonable, there can be no guarantees that these expectations will prove to be correct. Forward-looking statements only express the Company's assessments and assumptions at the time of the PM. The Company makes no commitment to publish updates or revisions of forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or similar circumstances other than as required under applicable securities laws or regulations or applicable stock exchange rules.


For more information, please contact:

Magnus Stuart, CEO [email protected] +46 706 211 350


Imsys AB (publ) is a Swedish based high tech microprocessor company with focus on AI, founded in 1981. The company is a lead designer and developer of high performance, low energy consumption, flexible microprocessor solutions for AI applications. Imsys ALICE technology offers advantages in EDGE AI applications for automotive, security, computer centers, 5G mobile communication, block-chain and image recognition.

The company's shares are listed on NGM SME market

Göteborg Corporate Finance serves as Imsys appointed mentor and is available on telephone +46 31 13 82 30.

Teckningsoptioner av serie TO3 nyttjas till cirka 25 procent och Imsys AB tillförs cirka 1,2 MSEK

Imsys AB (publ) ("Imsys" eller "Bolaget") meddelar idag utfallet från nyttjandet av teckningsoptionerna av serie TO3, vilka emitterades i samband med Bolagets företrädesemission under det andra kvartalet 2022. Totalt nyttjades 1 379 675 teckningsoptioner av serie TO3, motsvarande cirka 25 procent av utestående teckningsoptioner av serie TO3, för teckning av
1 379 675 aktier till en teckningskurs om 0,89 SEK per aktie. Genom nyttjandet av teckningsoptionerna av serie TO3 tillförs Imsys cirka 1,2 MSEK före emissionskostnader.

Imsys AB kallar till extrastämma den 15 februari 2023

Aktieägarna i Imsys AB (publ), org nr 556213-1614 ("Bolaget") kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma, onsdagen den 15 februari 2023, klockan 15.00. Stämman äger rum hos Imsys AB med adress; Johanneslundsvägen 3, 2 trappor i Upplands Väsby.

Imsys AB avser förvärva ForensIQ One AB genom egna aktier till ett värde av 25,2 MSEK

Imsys får med detta köp tillgång till produkter och teknik som redan har existerande kunder och detta i en stor, global marknad med tillväxt. Det blir lättare för Imsys att fortsätta arbeta med framförallt mjukvara tack vare ForensIQ One:s lösningar då de är starka på exempelvis användarvänlighet och där Imsys kan vässa försäljningsfokuset ytterligare. Ett sista stort samarbetsområde är att arbeta effektivare med resursallokering, administration och marknadsbearbetning.

Imsys AB has the intention to purchase ForensIQ One AB through own shares to a sum of 25,2 MSEK

Through this purchase, Imsys gains access to products, human resources and technical solutions that already have existing customers and in a large, global growing market. It will facilitate for Imsys to continue working with, above all, software development due to ForensIQ One's solutions, them being strong within user friendliness and allowing Imsys to sharpen their sales focus for ForensIQ One. One last area of cooperation is for the two companies to work more efficiently with allocation of resources, administration and marketing.

Imsys lanserar sin nya produkt IM4000

Efter ett par års utveckling är nu Imsys nya mikroprocessor redo att skeppas ut och testas av marknaden.

Imsys launches the new product IM4000

After a few years of development, Imsys new microprocessor is now finalized and ready to be shipped and tested by the market.

IMSYS AB: Delårsrapport för 2:a kvartalet, 3 månader i verksamhetsåret 2022-23

Verksamhetsårets andra kvartal, 1 augusti - 31 oktober 2022 har präglats av marknadsanalys och organisationsarbete i intensivt tempo samt att helt få klart den nya produkten IM4000. Nye VD tillträdde den 14:e september och har bl a sett till att mer arbete görs på kontoret och på ett effektivare sätt med tydligt fokus på den stundande produktlanseringen. Dessutom har Imsys nye CTO Dag Helmfrid genomfört en organisationsöversyn inom såväl hårdvara som mjukvara. Den nya vässade organisationen och nytt chefskap gör att Imsys nu fokuseras mot bättre projektledarskap, långsiktigt produktfokus samt ökat kundvärde och affärsmässighet.

IMSYS AB: Report for 2022 second quarter

The business year's second quarter, August 1st - October 31st has been heavily focused on market analysis and organisational work together with completely finalising the new product IM4000. Our new CEO assumed his position on September 14th and has made sure that more work is done in tandem and with physical presence in the office. Also our new CTO revamped the entire organisation including both software and hardware teams. This new and sharpened team is focusing on improved business acumen, customer value as well as better project management and long term product focus.

Imsys AB och ShortLink AB i partnerskap för att vidareutveckla nästa generations edge/AI-mikroprocessorer

ShortLink AB hjälper Imsys AB med att utveckla nästa generations mikroprocessor, IM4000. Imsys har över 40 års erfarenhet av skräddarsydda mikroprocessorer som traditionellt har använts i olika specialapplikationer. Den snabba expansionen av edge/AI computing har öppnat upp ett stort nytt marknadsområde för Imsys' teknik.

Imsys AB partners with ShortLink AB to further develop the next generation of edge/AI microprocessors

ShortLink AB is working with Imsys to assist in the development of their next generation microprocessor IM4000. Imsys has over 40 years of experience in custom microprocessors which has traditionally been used in highly specialized applications. The advent of edge/AI computing has opened a window to a much larger applicable market for the technology.

Mitt första VD-brev

Imsys' nya VD presenterar sina tankar om nya produktfamiljen, kundfokuset samt hans första två månader på jobbet.

My first CEO-brief

Imsys' new CEO presents the company's work on the brand new product family, customer focus and his first two months on the job.

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