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Filing of bankruptcy in four operating companies (Tribe Hotels)

As announced in previous press releases, the Tribe Hotels operating companies (Host Property tenant) have been under company reconstruction since June 24, 2020. As of July 31, 2020 Host Hoteleiendom AS took ownership of the operating companies. The operating companies have since been in reconstruction managed by the reconstructor Plana AB. The reconstruction has been an important tool and vehicle to restructure the operating companies during a historic challenging period for the hotel industry and important to secure long term value for the hotel properties in Host Property AB.

As part of the reconstruction process, the following operating companies have on May 4, 2021 filed for, and by the court been declared, bankrupt:

· Tribe Hotel Christian IV AB

· Tribe Hotel Grand Hotel Falun AB

· Tribe Hotel Statt i Örnsköldsvik AB

· Tribe Hotel Söderhamn AB

Even though it is unfortunate that the operating companies goes into bankruptcy, this is necessary given the current market conditions. There may come other bankruptcies in the other Host Property operating companies in the near future.

Host Hoteleiendom AS has a long term view on the operating companies and have plans to reestablish new operating companies shortly, information will follow in due time. Host Property AB will work closely together with the official receiver in the bankruptcy process.

Host Hoteleiendom AS and Host Property AB have since the outbreak of COVID-19 taken actions to secure hotel property values by a number of measures. This has been a long-term battle, but has also proven results by refinancing the debt portfolio and released cash and liquidity in this historic challenging time.

Christian Fuhr, IR, tel: +47 98 22 85 16, [email protected]

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Host Property AB (publ) announces changes in board of directors and management

Reference is made to the SEK 500,000,000 senior secured and guaranteed floating rate bonds 2019/2022 with ISIN SE0013486057 as amended and restated on 26 March 2021 (the "Bonds") issued by Host Property AB (publ) (the "Company") and the terms and conditions for the Bonds (the "Amended Terms and Conditions"). Any capitalised term used but not defined herein shall have the meaning given to it in the Amended Terms and Conditions.

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Host Property AB

Filing of bankruptcy in four operating companies (Tribe Hotels)


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