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Emplicure adopts a holding company structure

Uppsala 2022-09-19 Emplicure AB (publ) announces today that the Company's Board of Directors has resolved to implement a holding company structure with operational subsidiaries. The purpose of the restructuring is to increase visibility and reinforce the Group's ability to focus on business and product development across various product areas, including nicotine and pharmaceuticals as well as other consumer product areas. As a direct consequence of the above, the Board of Directors has appointed Tomas Hammargren as CEO of the subsidiary Amplicon.

Over the past years, Emplicure's R&D activities have significantly advanced the understanding and experience of the Company's bioceramics and their potential to release both active substances and flavour. A clear example is provided by the nicotine product freee™, developed in 2022, which represents a new generation of nicotine products with distinct properties for enhanced consumer experiences that targets the rapidly growing worldwide market for nicotine pouches. Freee™ received considerable attention at an international nicotine fair in Warsaw in June. At the same time, the start of the planned pharmacokinetics (PK) study with Empli03 - a drug candidate containing buprenorphine as active substance for pain relief - is approaching, and we expect to be able to present clinical data later this autumn.

Another lesson the Company has learnt is that our proprietary bioceramics technology is applicable in additional product areas in which a predictable and optimized release of pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological active substances, flavours and fragrances would have a benefit.

In the light of these achievements and lessons, the Company's Board of Directors has resolved on a restructuring of the Group, which entails setting up the listed entity Emplicure AB as a holding company for the Group and conducting the various activities through subsidiaries. Amplicon will remain a subsidiary of Emplicure AB, and a new wholly-owned subsidiary will be established in which the drug development, including Empli03, will be placed. As all assets will remain within the Group, the restructuring will not have any impact on the value of the existing shareholders.

"The holding company structure will clarify the assets of the groups in a more transparent manner and at the same time strengthen the opportunities for developing the various operations, improving the potential to create clear shareholder value. The Board of Directors assesses that this model will facilitate tailor-made collaborations with external parties on the company's various product lines," says Gisela Sitbon, Chairman of the Board.

On account of the progress made recently in Amplicon, Emplicure's Board of Directors has appointed Amplicon's former Chairman of the Board, Tomas Hammargren, as CEO of the company. As CEO, Tomas will have a significantly more operational role where his primary objective will be to find solutions for future cooperation with one or several international partners regarding Amplicon's nicotine products. In parallel, he will be responsible for the final phase of product development leading towards the first product launch. 

"Amplicon has very interesting and well advanced product candidates in the nicotine area. Thus, I am very pleased to be given this opportunity to drive Amplicon's product and business development forward. We have experienced a strong interest in our main product, freeeTM, including at the major conference Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw in June," says Tomas Hammargren.

Facts about Empli03:

Empli03 is developed for chronic pain, and preparations for a pharmacokinetics study are ongoing. This will be the first evaluation of the technology platform in clinical phase. Empli03 is a pain drug in the form of a buccal tablet with properties to deter abuse through manipulation of the tablets.

Facts about Amplicon/ freeeTM:

Amplicon's main product Amp01, branded as freeeTM, is a unique product based on patented bioceramics with nicotine for oral use. The novel product offers a beneficial release of both nicotine and flavour in a small format. In parallel with partnering discussions, Amplicon advances the development of Amp01 towards a finished product. The development and profiling involve both in-house staff and external experts.

Facts about Tomas Hammargren:

Tomas Hammargren holds a BA in science and a business degree from Uppsala University. He has extensive experience from leading pharmaceutical companies, medtech and consumer products and international experience from European, North American as well as South-East Asian markets. Tomas is also considerably experienced in the new generation of nicotine products and has served as Chairman of Amplicon since its establishment in January 2021.

This information is information that Emplicure AB (publ) is obliged to disclose pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The informationen was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons above, on September 19, 2022 at 13:05 CET.

Certified Adviser is Mangold Fondkommission AB
For more information, please contact:

Gisela Sitbon
Chaiman of the Board
Phone: +46 (0)70 282 55 58
Email: [email protected]

Erik Magnusson
CFO, Investor Relations
Phone: +46 (0)708 565 245
Email: [email protected]

Emplicure develops new and innovative products by combining existing and approved active substances with advanced materials science within ceramic biomaterials. The product portfolio is focused on chronic pain and on abuse-deterrent formulations. Wholly owned subsidiary Amplicon AB develops consumer products with oral nicotine as the first product. The share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (EMPLI). Read more at www.emplicure.com

Emplicure och OnDosis samarbetar för att utveckla bättre behandlingar för smärta

Emplicure AB och OnDosis AB utvärderar gemensamma utvecklingsmål för oral dosering av aktiva ingredienser baserade på bolagens respektive kärnkompetenser inom formulering och dosering.

Emplicure and OnDosis form partnership to develop better pain treatments

Emplicure and OnDosis will jointly evaluate development targets for oral delivery of active ingredients, based on their respective core competencies in formulation and dosing.

Emplicure meddelar resultat från den explorativa kliniska farmakokinetiska studien på sin läkemedelskandidat Empli03

Emplicure AB, företaget som kombinerar egen teknologi med beprövade substanser och ingredienser för att utveckla nya konsument- och läkemedelsprodukter, tillkännager idag topline-resultat från en explorativ farmakokinetisk studie med Empli03 på friska försökspersoner.

Emplicure announces results from the exploratory clinical PK study of its drug candidate Empli03

Emplicure, the company that combines proprietary technology with tried and tested substances and ingredients to develop new consumer and pharmaceutical products, today announces top-line results from an exploratory pharmacokinetic study with Empli03 in healthy volunteers

Emplicure anlitar Erik Penser Bank som likviditetsgarant

Emplicure AB (publ) har utsett Erik Penser Bank AB ("Penser") till likviditetsgarant för Bolagets aktie. Syftet är att förbättra aktiens likviditet och Pensers uppdrag inleds den 24 november 2022.

Emplicure engages Erik Penser Bank as liquidity provider

Emplicure AB (publ) today announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Erik Penser Bank ("Penser") whereby Penser will act as liquidity provider for the Emplicure share, starting 24 November 2022.

Kommuniké från extra bolagsstämma i Emplicure AB (publ)

Extra bolagsstämma i Emplicure AB (publ) ("Bolaget") ägde rum kl. 11.00 måndagen den 14 november 2022 i Bolagets lokaler, Virdings allé 32B, Uppsala.

Communiqué from extraordinary general meeting in Emplicure AB (publ)

An extraordinary general meeting in Emplicure AB (publ) (the "Company") was held on Monday 14 November 2022 at 11 am at the Company's premises, Virdings allé 32B, Uppsala.

Emplicure upptar lån om 9,0 MSEK

Emplicure AB (publ) har idag ingått ett låneavtal med ett konsortium av långivare genom vilket Bolaget upptagit ett lån om 9,0 MSEK. Lånekonsortiet inkluderar vissa befintliga aktieägare, däribland styrelseledamoten Johan Wieslander. Syftet med lånet är att kortsiktigt stärka bolagets rörelsekapital samt att möta kravet på befintligt aktiekapital för att driva bolaget den närmaste tolvmånadersperioden.

Emplicure takes up a loan in the amount of 9.0 MSEK

Emplicure AB (publ) has today entered into a loan agreement with a loan consortium through which the Company has taken up a loan in the amount of 9.0 MSEK. The loan consortium includes certain existing shareholders, including the board member Johan Wieslander. The purpose of the loan is to strengthen the Company's short-term working capital and to meet the requirement of going concern for the next twelve months.

Emplicure utser valberedning

Emplicure AB meddelar idag att valberedningen har utsetts inför stämman i maj 2023. Valberedningen består av representanter för de tre största aktieägarna per den sista bankdagen i tredje kvartalet, jämte styrelsens ordförande. Bolagets tre största aktieägare, tillika grundare, har enats om att rösta som en genom Thomas Lundqvist, för att ge företräde till oberoende aktieägare.

Emplicure has formed Nomination Comittee

Emplicure AB announces today that the Nomination Committee for the annual general shareholders meeting (AGM) in May 2023 is formed. The Nomination Committee  consists of representatives nominated by the three largest shareholders per the last bank-day in the third quarter, as well as the Chairman of the Board. Emplicure's three largest shareholders, also the founders, have agreed to vote as one, in order to give preference for more shareholders.

Dosering i fas I PK-studie för EMPLI03 slutförd

Emplicure AB rapporterar genomförd dosering i den första fas I farmakokinetikstudien med EMPLI03, avsedd för behandling av medelsvår till svår smärta

Dosing in Phase I PK study for EMPLI03 completed

Emplicure AB today reported dosing in the first Phase I pharmacokinetic study for EMPLI03, intended for the treatment of moderate to severe pain

Emplicure byter Certified Adviser till Erik Penser Bank AB

Uppsala 2022-10-03 Emplicure AB (publ) meddelade idag att bolaget byter Certified Adviser

Emplicure changes Certified Adviser to Erik Penser Bank AB

Uppsala, 2022-10-03 Emplicure AB (publ) today announced that the company changes Certified Adviser

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