Cell Impact opens new Karlskoga factory for production of flow plates

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North Growth Market: CI B) announces that the new production facility in Karlskoga, Brickegården, is now ready for production of flow plates. With a strong cash reserve, the company is now increasing the pace of positioning itself as a global volume supplier to the growing fuel cell industry.

The new plant will now be equipped with the special machines required to manufacture high-quality flow plates based on Cell Impact's production method Cell Impact Forming ™, which is based on Cell Impact's patented method for high-velocity forming. The factory also has equipment for cutting, welding, and leak testing of bipolar flow plates. The factory will now grow to become one of the world's most automated and high-performance facilities.

"Much of our focus has been on preparing the premises, moving our existing machines and installing some new equipment," says Tord Lätt, Operations Manager at Cell Impact. "Now, the next step is to start projects around automation to gradually increase our cost efficiency and capacity."

"It feels great to have finally moved to nice new premises," says Pär Teike, CEO of Cell Impact. "A larger production area is important for our customers and prospects. It creates trust in us as a supplier that can grow. After last week's successful share issue of SEK 175 million, we now have the opportunity to increase our production capacity."

"In my previous work in the truck industry, I have followed the development of alternative fuels," says Robert Sobocki, Chairman of the Board of Cell Impact. "We are now facing a clear turning point as fuel cells will play a significant role in creating environmentally-friendly logistics solutions via electrification, especially for heavy and long-distance transports."

Attached images:

  1. A machine for high-velocity forming
  2. Laser machines used in the production of flow plates
  3. Cell Impact's management team (from left); Stefan Axellie (CFO), Tord Lätt (COO), Pär Teike (CEO), Anders Öberg (CTO).  

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Pär Teike, CEO, +46 73-024 06 84 or [email protected].  

About Cell Impact

Cell Impact AB (publ) is a global supplier of advanced flow plates to fuel cell manufacturers. The company has developed and patented a unique method of adiabatic high-speed velocity pressing that enables flow plates with more advanced designs, which in turn creates more cost- and energy-efficient fuel cells when compared to conventional pressing methods.

The Cell Impact share is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market and FNCA Sweden AB is the company's Certified Advisor (CA). Contact info: +46 8-528 00 399 or [email protected].

Cell Impact Forming™ demonstrationslinje installeras i Japan

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) kommer att installera en Cell Impact Forming™ demonstrationslinje för flödesplattor i Japan i samarbete med F.C.C. Co., Ltd., en ledande japanska leverantör av komponenter till fordonsindustrin.

Cell Impact Forming™ demonstration line to be installed in Japan

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) will set up a Cell Impact Forming™ flow plate demonstration line in Japan in collaboration with leading Japanese auto parts supplier F.C.C. Co., Ltd.

Cell Impact delårsrapport för andra kvartalet: ökad försäljning, lägre förlust

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) lämnar följande finansiella sammanfattning för andra kvartalet.

Cell Impact reports second quarter results: increased sales, lower loss

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) reports the following financial summary for the second quarter.

Cell Impact Japan Inc. får utvecklingsorder på 1,6 miljoner SEK

Cell Impact AB:s (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) helägda dotterbolag Cell Impact Japan Inc. har fått en order värd 1.6 MSEK. Ordern omfattar ett projekt för designutveckling av en flödesplatta och inkluderar produktion av prototypplattor. Det är en fortsättning på tidigare etablerade aktiviteter i Japan och leverans kommer att ske under tredje kvartalet 2022.

Cell Impact Japan Inc. receives development order worth SEK 1.6 million

Cell Impact AB's (Nasdaq First North GM: CI) wholly owned subsidiary Cell Impact Japan Inc. has received an order worth MSEK 1.6. The order is for a flow plate design project and involves flow plate prototype production. It is a continuation of earlier established activities in Japan and will be delivered during the third quarter of 2022.

Byte av namn, kortnamn och ISIN-kod för aktierna i Cell Impact AB (publ)

Årsstämman i Cell Impact AB (publ) ("Cell Impact" eller "Bolaget") den 21 april 2022 beslutade i enlighet med styrelsens förslag om ändring av Cell Impacts bolagsordning innebärande borttagande av aktieslaget A-aktier. Bolagets B-aktier kommer därmed vara ordinarie aktier. Aktiens röstvärde har även ändrats från 1/10 röst per aktie till 1 röst per aktie.

Change of name, ticker and ISIN code for the shares in Cell Impact AB (publ)

The Annual General Meeting of Cell Impact AB (publ) ("Cell Impact" or the "Company") on April 21, 2022 resolved, in accordance with the boards of director's proposal, on amendments of Cell Impact's articles of association including the removal of the class A share. The Company's class B shares will therefore be ordinary shares. The share's voting value has also been changed from 1/10 vote per share to 1 vote per share.

Cell Impact delårsrapport för första kvartalet: fortsatt hög försäljning

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) lämnar följande finansiella sammanfattning för första kvartalet.

Cell Impact reports first quarter results: continued strong sales

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) reports the following financial summary for the first quarter.

Arbetstagarrepresentant utsedd till Cell Impacts styrelse

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) meddelar att IF Metalls verkstadsklubb på Cell Impact har utsett Lillette Hallblad som arbetstagarrepresentant i Cell Impacts styrelse.

Employee representative elected to Cell Impact's board

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) announces that the local IF Metall union club at Cell Impact has elected Lillette Hallblad as employee representative to Cell Impact's Board of Directors.

Kommuniké från årsstämman 2022 i Cell Impact AB (publ)

Årsstämma i Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) hölls den 21 april 2022.

Communiqué from the Annual General Meeting 2022 of Cell Impact AB (publ)

The annual general meeting of Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) was held on April 21, 2022.

Kallelse till årsstämma i Cell Impact AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Cell Impact AB (publ) (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B), org.nr 556576-6655, kallas härmed till årsstämma torsdagen den 21 april 2022 klockan 14.00 i IVA Konferenscenter, Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm. Inregistrering sker från kl. 13.15.

Notice of the annual general meeting of Cell Impact AB (publ)

The shareholders of Cell Impact AB (publ) (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B), reg. no. 556576-6655, are hereby invited to participate in the annual general meeting to be held on Thursday 21 April 2022, 14.00 hours (CET), at the premises of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA Konferenscenter), Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm, Sweden. Registration from 13:15 hours (CET).

Cell Impact delårsrapport för fjärde kvartalet: ökad försäljning

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) lämnar följande finansiella sammanfattning för fjärde kvartalet.

Cell Impact reports fourth quarter results: increased sales

Cell Impact AB (Nasdaq First North GM: CI B) reports the following financial summary for the fourth quarter.

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