Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting

Awardit AB (publ) ("the Company") held an extraordinary general meeting on 4 april 2022.  

A summary of the adopted resolutions follows below.

Warrant-based incentive program
The extraordinary general meeting resolved in accordance with the board's proposal to implement an incentive program for management, key employees and other employees consisting of 250 000 warrants.

Each warrant entitles the right to subscribe for one new share in the Company during the period from and including the publishing date for the quarterly report
1 January - 31 March 2025 to and including 30 June 2025. The subscription price per share shall correspond to 152 percent of the volume weighted average share price during the period from and including 5 April 2022 to and including 20 April 2022.  Subscription of warrants shall be effected by 22 April 2022. The warrants shall be issued at the fair market value of the warrants at the time of subscription, which shall be determined by an external advisor. The Company reserves the right to repurchase warrants if the participants employment or assignment for the group ends or if the participant wishes to transfer the warrants.

If all warrants are exercised for subscription of new shares the dilutive effect for the Company's shareholders will be approximately 3 percent.

Authorization on issues of shares

The extraordinary general meeting resolved in accordance with the board's proposal to, within the framework of the current articles of association, authorize the board of directors, with or without deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, at one or several occasions, to resolve on issues of shares. The total number of shares comprised by such issues may correspond to a maximum of ten (10) percent of the share capital in the Company, based on the share capital in the Company 31 December 2021.

Share issues shall be made at fair market value but with a fair market discount if necessary and shall be paid in cash or non-cash assets. The purpose of the authorization and the reason for deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights is to finance acquisitions of companies, in part or fully.

For further information, contact:
CEO:              Erik Grohman
Phone:           +46 761 80 55 12
E-mail:           [email protected]

About Awardit

Awardit helps businesses increase revenue and profitability by implementing and operating loyalty programs, incentive programs and giftcard programs targeting B2B & B2C customers.  Awardit provides customers with program platforms on SaaS-basis, content in the form of commerce opportunities, partner networks as well as third party distribution of giftcards.  The programs are normally provided on white label basis but Awardit also operate several private labels.  Awardit is the largest company and platform in the Nordics in the sector.

The company's shares trade on Nasdaq First North Growth Market (AWRD). The company's Certified Adviser is Aqurat Fondkommission AB, reachable at [email protected] or 08-684 05 800.

Kommuniké från Årsstämma Awardit AB (publ)

Awardit AB (publ) har den 20 maj 2022 hållit årsstämma. I det följande redogörs för de viktigaste beslutens huvudsakliga innehåll. 

Delårsrapport Awardit AB (publ) för januari - mars 2022

Awardit AB (publ), noterat på NASDAQ First North Growth Market, lämnar följande rapport för perioden 1 januari - 31 mars 2022. 

Kallelse till Extra Bolagsstämma

Aktieägarna i Awardit AB (publ), org nr 556575-8843, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma den 4 april 2022 kl 14:00 i bolagets lokaler på Snickarbacken 2, Stockholm.

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