Arctic Minerals has carried out diamond drilling at its copper joint venture project in Finland

Arctic Minerals is pleased to issue an update on its exploration progress in northern and central Finland.

Copper joint venture project Peräpohja

Arctic Minerals' partner at the Peräpohja project, the Rio Tinto Group, has carried out further diamond drilling at several locations in the Peräpohja district. Holes were drilled for a total of 2,388 metres for geological and stratigraphic understanding. Further diamond drilling may also be carried out in 2022. Other recent work has included:

· 34 archive holes (2,979 metres) re-logged and resampled (for later assaying)

· 5 geophysical (AMT) profiles have been completed

· Geological mapping by Rio Tinto

· Prospecting for ore boulders by Arctic Minerals

Arctic Minerals currently holds a total of 240 km2 (24,000 ha) of reservations in the Peräpohja district and has in addition applied for 16 exploration permits in a total of 536 km2 (53,600 ha).

The geology of the Peräpohja Schist Belt of southern Finnish Lapland has many similarities to that of the Central African Copper Belt ("CACB"), one of the world's main sources of copper and also a major source of cobalt. Arctic Minerals and Rio Tinto's main exploration target in Peräpohja is a type of mineralisation called "SSC" (Sediment-hosted Stratiform Copper), typical of that found in the CACB. Arctic Minerals has been exploring for copper in Peräpohja since 2017 and has found widespread copper mineralisation in both outcrops and boulders.

Copper-nickel-PGE project Lohi

Arctic Minerals believes that the Lohi area has potential for the discovery of copper-nickel-PGE (platinum group elements) mineralisation similar to Anglo American's Sakatti deposit in Sodankylä. The Company is currently carrying out a detailed review of available geological, geochemical and geophysical data to determine the work to be carried out in 2022. The Lohi reservation covers 371 km2(37,100 ha).

Copper-nickel project Inari

Northeast of Inari centre, in the Nellim area, previous exploration work by GTK (Geological Survey of Finland) discovered a number of copper- and nickel-rich boulders (up to 0.48% copper and 2.03% nickel respectively), coincident with magnetic and gravity anomalies. The geology of the area is similar to that on the Russian side of the border, which has hosted a number of nickel-copper mines. Arctic Minerals is therefore carrying out a review of available data to decide upon the field program for 2022. The Nellim reservations covers 840 km2 (84,000 ha).

To the Southeast of Inari centre, the Company holds the Liljarova 2 reservation, covering 890 km2(89,000 ha). The area has seen widespread gold panning but to date, little significant bedrock mineralisation has been found. The Company has carried out a review of available data and has identified one particular area for fieldwork next year, where gold has been found in bedrock in an area with a conspicuous linear magnetic anomaly.

Gold project Nutukka

In Nutukka, Arctic Minerals has carried out sampling for alluvial gold in 2020 and 2021, in order to identify areas with potential for bedrock gold mineralisation. The Company has now received the exploration permit allowing an excavating program and also Base-of-Till drilling. Arctic Minerals plan to start with an excavation program and then, based on the excavating, set out a Base-of-Till program. The excavation program is planned to be commenced in H1 2022, when the weather conditions so allow.

Battery metal project Kiiminki

Arctic Minerals believes that the Kiiminki area, northeast of Oulu, has potential for the discovery of a Mississippi Valley -type zinc-lead-silver mineralisation. In August 2021 the Finnish mining authority, Tukes, granted an exploration permit for the Martimo area of Kiiminki. Due to appeals, the issuing of the permit will now be dealt with by the Primary Court in Finland. The exploration permit, once issued to Arctic Minerals, will allow more detailed exploration, in particular Base-of-Till drilling.

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The Company's shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm under the trade designation "ARCT".

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About Arctic Minerals

Arctic Minerals is a Nordic mineral exploration company exploring for copper, nickel, zinc, gold, PGE and battery metals in northern and central Finland. The Group also owns mineral rights in Norway.

This information is information that Arctic Minerals AB (publ) is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU) 596/2014. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 12.10 on November 29, 2021.

Arctic Minerals uppdaterar om pågående prospektering i Finland och Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) uppdaterar om säsongens prospekteringsfältarbete i Finland och Norge, som inleddes i maj 2022. I norra Finland innehar Bolaget kopparprojektet Peräpohja (joint venture med Rio Tinto), guldprojektet Nutukka samt koppar-nickelprojekten Inari och Lohi. I mellersta Finland innehar Bolaget batterimetalprojektet Kiiminki.

Arctic Minerals updates on its exploration progress in Finland and Norway

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) updates on this seasons' exploration field work in Finland and Norway that started in May 2022.  In northern Finland, the Company's exploration projects comprise the copper project Peräpohja (a joint venture with the Rio Tinto Group), the gold project Nutukka and the copper-nickel projects Inari and Lohi.  In central Finland, the Company has the battery metal project Kiiminki.

Arctic Minerals och Rio Tinto utvidgar joint venture-samarbetet för kopparprojektet i Peräpohja i Finland

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) och Rio Tinto har kommit överens om att utöka storleken på det område som omfattas av joint venture-samarbetet för kopparprojektet Peräpohja i norra Finland. Avtalet ökar storleken på det tillståndsområde som täcks av joint-venture samarbetet med 57 000 hektar till nu totalt 112 000 hektar.

Arctic Minerals and Rio Tinto expands the joint venture for the copper project Peräpohja in Finland

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) and Rio Tinto have agreed to increase the size of the area covered by the earn-in agreement on the Peräpohja copper project in northern Finland.  The agreement increases the size of the permit area covered by the earn-in by 57,000 ha bringing the total permit area covered by the Peräpohja project to 112,000 ha.

Kommuniké från årsstämma i Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Bolaget") höll den 16 juni 2022 årsstämma på Köpmangatan 22 i Östersund

Report from Annual General Meeting in Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) (the "Company") held its Annual General Meeting on 16 June 2022 at Köpmangatan 22 in Östersund

Kallelse till årsstämma i Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Arctic Minerals AB (publ), 556569-3602, kallas till årsstämma den 16 juni 2022 kl. 11.00 på Köpmangatan 22 i Östersund.

Notice of Annual General Meeting in Arctic Minerals AB (publ)

The shareholders of Arctic Minerals AB (publ), reg. no. 556569-3602, are given notice of the annual general meeting to be held at 11:00 CEST on 16 June 2022, at Köpmangatan 22 in Östersund.

Arctic Minerals styrelse föreslår riktad kvittningsemission om sammanlagt högst cirka 3,0 MSEK

Styrelsen i Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" eller "Bolaget") föreslår att årsstämman den 16 juni 2022 beslutar att genomföra en riktad kvittningsemission till tre av Bolagets fordringshavare om högst 5 006 825 aktier, vilket medför att Bolagets skuld minskar med högst 3 004 095 SEK ("Kvittningsemissionen"). Teckningskursen uppgår till 0,6 SEK per aktie och motsvarar en premie om cirka tre procent jämfört med den volymviktade genomsnittskursen för Bolagets aktie under perioden från och med den 11 maj 2022 till och med den 17 maj 2022.

Arctic Minerals board of directors proposes directed set-off issue of up to approximately MSEK 3.0

The board of directors of Artic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals" or the "Company") proposes that the annual general meeting on June 16, 2022, resolves on a directed new share issue with payment through set-off to three of the Companys creditors of up to 5,006,825 shares, which will result in the Companys debts decreasing by up to SEK 3,004,095 (the "Set-Off Issue"). The subscription price amount to SEK 0.6 per share and corresponds to a premium of approximately threeper cent compared to the volume-weighted average price of the Companys share during the period from and including May 11, 2022 up to and including May 17, 2022.

Arctic Minerals publicerar årsredovisning för 2021

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) publicerar årsredovisning för 2021. Årsredovisningen för räkenskapsåret 2021 finns tillgänglig i sin helhet på Bolagets hemsida.

Arctic Minerals Annual Report 2021 is now published

Arctic Minerals AB (publ)'s Annual Report for 2021 is now published (in Swedish). The Annual Report for 2021 is available in full (in Swedish) on the Companys website.

Arctic Minerals har identifierat malmzoner med höga guld- och kopparhalter i guld-kopparprojektet Bidjovagge i Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) har identifierat nya mineraliserade områden med exceptionellt höga halter av guld och koppar i det helägda Bidjovagge guld-kopparprojektet i Norge. De senaste resultaten har framkommit i samband med en genomgång av analyser från historiska kärnborrhål. Efter en nyligen genomförd analys av geofysisk data i området gör Bolaget även tolkningen att malmzonerna i Bidjovagge dessutom är öppna och fortsätter i flera riktningar.

Arctic Minerals identifies high-grade gold and copper zones at Bidjovagge gold-copper project in Norway

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) has identified new areas with exceptionally high grades of gold and copper mineralisation at its 100%-owned Bidjovagge gold-copper project in Norway. The latest results come from the Company's ongoing study of drill core assays dating from earlier drilling. Recent analysis of geophysical data also indicates the continuation of the ore zone in several directions.

Bokslutskommunniké för helåret 2021

Styrelsen i Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals", "Bolaget" eller "Moderbolaget" och med dess dotterbolag "Koncernen") (Styrelsen) avger härmed bokslutskommuniké för helåret januari - december 2021.

Year-end report for the full year 2021

The Board of Directors of Arctic Minerals AB (publ) ("Arctic Minerals", the "Company" or the "Parent company" and together with its subsidiaries the "Group") (the "Board") hereby submits year-end report for the full year January - December 2021.

Kobolt- och telluriumpotential identifierad vid Arctic Minerals guld-koppar-projekt Bidjovagge i Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) har identifierat signifikanta värden i form av batterimetallen kobolt och semimetallen tellurium i det av Bolaget helägda guld-koppar-projektet Bidjovagge i Norge. Det är resultatet av en genomförd studie av analyser från kärnborrningar från perioden 2007 - 2012.

Cobalt and tellurium potential identified at Arctic Minerals' gold-copper project Bidjovagge in Norway

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) is pleased to announce that it has identified significant values of the valuable battery metal cobalt and the semimetal tellurium at its 100%-owned Bidjovagge gold-copper project in Norway. This follows a recent study of drill cores dating from the period 2007 to 2012.

Uppdaterad mineraltillgång för Arctic Minerals guld-koppar-projekt Bidjovagge i Norge

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) har uppdaterat beräkningen av mineraltillgången för Bolagets helägda guld-kopparprojekt Bidjovagge i Norge.

Mineraltillgången i klassen indikerad mineraltillgång har ökat till 3.3 miljoner ton, jämfört med tidigare beräkning om 2,3 miljoner ton år 2012. Halterna i den indikerade mineraltillgången är nu 1,27 gram/ton guld och 0,97 procent koppar.

Totala metallinnehållen i den indikerade mineraltillgången är nu 134 000 uns guld och 32 000 ton koppar. Det motsvarar en ökning av guldinnehållet med 22 procent och en ökning av kopparinnehållet med 28 procent, jämfört med 2012 års beräkning. I tillägg finns en antagen mineraltillgång omfattande 0,3 miljoner ton med halterna 1,8 gram/ton guld och 0,7 procent koppar. Metallinnehållen i den antagna mineraltillgången är 21 000 uns guld och 2 500 ton koppar.

Updated mineral resource estimate for Arctic Mineral's gold-copper project Bidjovagge in Norway

Arctic Minerals AB (publ) is pleased to announce an updated mineral resource estimate for its 100%-owned Bidjovagge gold-copper project in Norway.

The mineral resource classified as indicated has increased to 3.3 million tons compared with 2.3 million tons in the 2012 estimate. The grades in the indicated resource is now 1.27 gram per ton gold and 0.97 percent copper.

Total contained metal in the new indicated resource is 134,000 oz gold and 32,200 thousand tons of copper. This represents an increase of 22 percent in contained gold and 28 percent in contained copper compared with the 2012 estimate. In addition, the new inferred resource is 0.3 million tons with grades of 1.8 gram per ton gold and 0.7 percent copper content, equivalent to 21,000 oz gold and 2,500 tons copper.

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