Acconeer publishes prospectus in connection with forthcoming rights issue

The board of directors of Acconeer AB ("Acconeer" or the "Company") has prepared a prospectus (the "Prospectus") relating to the issue of shares of approximately SEK 140 million (the "Rights Issue"), which was resolved by the board of directors on 22 November 2021, based on the authorization from the annual general meeting on 27 April 2021. The Prospectus has today been approved and registered by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.



  • One (1) existing share in the Company entitles to one (1) subscription right. Ten (10) subscription rights entitle to subscription of one (1) new share, i.e., a subscription ratio of 1:10.
  • The subscription price is SEK 60 per new share, which, provided that the Rights Issue is fully subscribed, results in the Company receiving issue proceeds of approximately SEK 140 million before deduction of transaction costs.
  • The subscription period runs from 1 December 2021 until 15 December 2021.
  • Major shareholders, board members and senior executives in the Company have expressed their support for the Rights Issue by entering into subscription commitments amounting to approximately SEK 29 million, corresponding to approximately 21 percent of the Rights Issue. Furthermore, the Company has entered into agreements on issue guarantees of approximately SEK 90 million, corresponding to approximately 64 percent of the Rights Issue, which means that the Rights Issue is secured to approximately 85 percent.

For complete information about the Rights Issue, please see the published Prospectus.


The Prospectus has been prepared in connection with the forthcoming Rights Issue and has today, on 29 November 2021, been approved and registered by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The Prospectus, containing complete terms and conditions, is available on the Company's, Aktieinvest FK AB's and Pareto Securities' respective websites (, and The Prospectus will also be available on the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's website ( Subscription forms will be available on the Company's and Aktieinvest FK AB's respective websites.

Timetable for the Rights Issue

29 November 2021

Publication of prospectus

29 November 2021

Record date

1 December - 10 December 2021

Trading in subscription rights

1 December - 15 December 2021

Subscription period

1 December - until the Rights Issue is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office

Trading in paid subscription shares (Sw. "BTA")

20 December 2021

Estimated date for announcement of the outcome in the Rights Issue


Pareto Securities is the Global Coordinator in connection with the Rights Issue. Advokatfirman Schjødt is legal advisor to Acconeer and Cirio Advokatbyrå AB is the legal advisor to Global Coordinator in connection with the Rights Issue. Aktieinvest FK AB acts as the issuing agent in the Rights Issue.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Lindell, CEO
Phone: +46 10 218 92 00
E-mail: [email protected]

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact persons set out above, at 12.00 CET on 29 November 2021.

About Acconeer AB

With ground-breaking technology, Acconeer has developed a radar sensor that opens a new world of interaction. Acconeer Micro Radar Sensor, with low power consumption, high precision, small size and high robustness, is a 60GHz robust and cost-effective sensor for detection, distance measurement, motion detection and camera-supported applications with low power consumption. Acconeer combines the advantage of low power consumption with highly accurate pulsed radar systems of coherent radar, all integrated into a component with a surface area of only 28 mm2. The radar sensor can be included in a range of mobile consumer products, from smartphones to wearables, but also in areas such as robots, drones, the Internet of Things, healthcare, automotive, industrial robots and security and monitoring systems. Acconeer is a semiconductor company and, as a business model, sells hardware to manufacturers of consumer electronics products. Acconeer is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market with the ticker code ACCON, Redeye is the company's Certified Advisor (CA) and can be contacted via telephone +46(0)8 121 576 90 or via e-mail [email protected]. For more information:


This press release is not an offer to subscribe for shares in Acconeer and investors should not subscribe for or purchase any securities, except on the basis of information provided in the prospectus.

This press release may not be made public, released or distributed, directly or indirectly, in or into the United States, Australia, Hongkong, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore or in any other jurisdiction in which the distribution of this press release would be unlawful. Further, this press release does not constitute an offer to sell new shares, paid subscribed for shares ("BTA") or subscription rights to any person in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to make such offer to such person or where such action would require additional prospectuses, registration or other measures other than those pursuant to Swedish law. The prospectus, application form and other documents associated with the Rights Issue may not be distributed in or to any country where such distribution or the Rights Issue would require such measures set forth in the preceding sentence or be in violation of the regulations of such country.

The new shares, BTAs and subscription rights have not been recommended or approved by any United States federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. No new shares, BTAs, subscription rights or other securities issued by Acconeer have been or will be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or under the securities legislation in any state of the United States, and may not be offered, exercised or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from registration requirements. There is no intention to register any portion of the offering in the United States or to conduct a public offering of securities in the United States.

Any offering of the securities referred to in this press release will be made by means of a prospectus. This press release is not a prospectus for the purposes of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2017 on the prospectus to be published when securities are offered to the public or admitted to trading on a regulated market, and repealing Directive 2003/71/EC (together with any related implementing and delegated regulations, the "Prospectus Regulation"). Investors should not invest in any securities referred to in this announcement except on the basis of information contained in the aforementioned prospectus.

In any EEA Member State other than Sweden, this press release is only addressed to and is only directed at qualified investors in that Member State within the meaning of the Prospectus Regulation, i.e., only to investors who can receive the offer without an approved prospectus in such EEA Member State.

In the United Kingdom, this document and any other materials in relation to the securities described herein is only being distributed to, and is only directed at, and any investment or investment activity to which this document relates is available only to, and will be engaged in only with, "qualified investors" (within the meaning of the United Kingdom version of the EU Prospectus Regulation (2017/1129/ EU) which is part of United Kingdom law by virtue of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018) who are (i) persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments who fall within the definition of "investment professionals" in Article 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (the "Order"); or (ii) high net worth entities falling within Article 49(2)(a) to (d) of the Order (all such persons together being referred to as "relevant persons"). In the United Kingdom, any investment or investment activity to which this communication relates is available only to, and will be engaged in only with, relevant persons. Persons who are not relevant persons should not take any action on the basis of this press release and should not act or rely on it.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements which reflect Acconeer's current view on future events and financial and operational development. Words such as "intend", "will", "expect", "anticipate", "may", "plan", "estimate" and other expressions that imply indications or predictions of future development or trends, constitute forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements inherently involve both known and unknown risks and uncertainties as they depend on future events and circumstances. Forward-looking statements do not guarantee future results or development and the actual outcome could differ materially from the forward-looking statements. The information, opinions and forward-looking statements included in this press release speak only as of its date and are subject to change without notice.

Acconeers A1-sensor i robot från stort japanskt konsumentelektronikföretag med global närvaro

Acconeers radarsensor A1 används för närvaro- och hinderdetektering i en nyligen annonserad social robot från en av Japans största elektroniktillverkare, som tillhandahåller exklusiva produkter till konsumenter globalt. Det initiala potentiella värdet av lanseringen uppskattas till 150 000 USD årligen för Acconeer, baserat på prognoser från tillverkaren. Produkten kommer initialt att lanseras på den japanska marknaden.

Acconeer's A1 radar sensor in robot from large global Japanese consumer electronics company

The A1 radar sensor from Acconeer is used for presence and obstacle detection in a recently announced entertainment robot from one of Japan's largest electronics manufacturers providing high-end devices to consumers globally. The initial potential value of the launch is estimated to USD 150 000 annually for Acconeer, based on forecasts from the manufacturer. The product will initially be launched on the Japanese market.

Kallelse till årsstämma 2022 i Acconeer AB (publ)

Acconeer AB (publ), 556872-7654, ("Bolaget") håller årsstämma den 26 april 2022 kl. 16.30 Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 2 i Malmö.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2022 in Acconeer AB (publ)

The Annual General Meeting of Acconeer AB (publ), reg. no. 556872-7654, (the "Company") will be
held on 26 April 2022 at 16:30, Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 2 in

Acconeer publicerar årsredovisning för 2021

Acconeer AB:s årsredovisning för 2021 finns från och med idag tillgänglig på bolagets hemsida,

Acconeer publishes annual report 2021

Acconeer AB's annual report for 2021 is from today available on the company's website,

Acconeer blir direktkund till GlobalFoundries

Acconeer tillkännager idag en överenskommelse med GlobalFoundries om att att Acconeer ska bli en direktkund till GlobalFoundries. Kontraktsdiskussioner kommer att påbörjas omedelbart och beräknas avslutas före slutet av 2022. GlobalFoundries Inc. är ett av världens ledande kontraktstillverkningsföretag för halvledarkomponenter, hos vilka Acconeer producerar sina halvledar-wafers.

Acconeer becomes direct customer of GlobalFoundries

Acconeer today announces agreement with GlobalFoundries that the two companies have agreed that Acconeer will become a direct customer of GlobalFoundries. Contract discussions will commence immediately and should be closed before end 2022. GlobalFoundries Inc. is one of the world's leading semiconductor contract manufacturing companies, where Acconeer produces their semiconductor wafers.

Bokslutskommuniké 1 januari - 31 december 2021

I fjärde kvartalet 2021 uppgick Acconeers nettoomsättning till 8 110 TSEK, och intäktsökningen var 174% jämfört med samma kvartal förra året. Ett rekordstort antal sensorer såldes, 159 280, och 10 224 moduler såldes. Sedan lansering har Acconeer sålt totalt 726 410 radarsensorer och 32 874 moduler. Under kvartalet såldes även 391 utvärderingskit, EVK, och den ackumulerade EVK-försäljningen sedan lansering uppgår vid kvartalets slut till 4 641. Bruttomarginalen i Q4 var 72% och tio nya kundprodukter lanserades.

Year-end report January 1 - December 31 2021

In the fourth quarter 2021, Acconeer AB's net sales amounted to kSEK 8,110, and the revenue increased by 174% compared to the same quarter last year. A record number of sensors were sold, 159,280, and 10,224 modules were sold. In total, Acconeer has sold 726,410 radar sensors and 32,874 modules since launch. In Q4 391 evaluation kits were sold, and an accumulated 4,641 EVKs have been sold since launch. The gross margin in Q4 was 72% and ten new customer products were launched.

Acconeer får två ordrar värda totalt 2,4 miljoner SEK

Acconeer får en order från Codico värd 1,6 miljoner SEK och ytterligare en från Nexty Electronics värd 760 000 SEK. Båda beställningarna avser Acconeers pulsade koherenta radarsensor A1 för kunders massproduktion. CODICO GmbH är en ledande europeisk distributör med huvudkontor i Wien, Österrike. NEXTY Electronics är en ledande japansk distributör med särskilt stark täckning inom bilindustrin.

Acconeer receives two orders worth in total USD 260 000

Acconeer receives an order from Codico worth USD 177 600 and another one from Nexty Electronics worth USD 81 600. Both orders relate to Acconeer's A1 pulsed coherent radar sensor for customers' mass production. CODICO GmbH is a leading European distributor, headquartered in Vienna, Austria. NEXTY Electronics is a leading Japanese distributor with especially strong coverage of companies in the automotive sector.

Acconeer får order från Glyn värd 536 000 SEK

Ordern avser Acconeers radarsensor A1 för massproduktion av kundprodukter i Asien-Stillahavsregionen. Glyn Ltd är baserade i Nya Zeeland, och är etablerade som en ledande distributör i Nya Zeeland och Australien.

Acconeer receives order from Glyn worth USD 58,500

The order relates to Acconeer's A1 radar sensor intended for customer mass production in the Asia Pacific region. Based in New Zealand, Glyn Ltd is established as a leading distributor in New Zealand and Australia.

Acconeer får order från Drainage Management Services värd 550 000 SEK

Ordern avser Acconeers pulsade koherenta radarsensor A111 för massproduktion. Drainage Management Services Ltd är ett företag baserat i Storbritannien som tillhandahåller övervakningslösningar för dränering och avloppssystem.

Acconeer receives order from Drainage Management Services worth USD 60,000

The order relates to Acconeer's A111 Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor for mass production. Drainage Management Services Ltd is a UK-based company providing monitoring solutions for drainage and sewage systems.

Acconeer offentliggör utfall i företrädesemissionen

Acconeer AB ("Acconeer" eller "Bolaget") offentliggör härmed utfallet i Bolagets företrädesemission av aktier ("Företrädesemissionen") som beslutades av styrelsen den 22 november 2021 med stöd av bemyndigande från årsstämman den 27 april 2021. Den slutliga sammanräkningen visar att 2 310 373 aktier, motsvarande cirka 99 procent av Företrädesemissionen, har tecknats med stöd av teckningsrätter. Därtill tecknades 2 465 919 aktier utan stöd av teckningsrätter, motsvarande cirka 105 procent av Företrädesemissionen. Utfallet visar att Företrädesemissionen är övertecknad. Genom Företrädesemissionen tillförs Acconeer cirka 140 MSEK före avdrag för emissionskostnader.

Acconeer announces outcome of rights issue

The board of directors of Acconeer AB ("Acconeer" or the "Company") hereby announces the outcome of the Company's rights issue of shares (the "Rights Issue") which was resolved by the board of directors on 22 November 2021 based on the authorization from the annual general meeting on 27 April 2021.The final count in the Rights Issue shows that 2,310,373shares, corresponding to approximately 99 per cent of the Rights Issue, have been subscribed for by the exercise of subscription rights. Furthermore, 2,465,919 shares were subscribed for without subscription rights, corresponding to approximately 105 per cent of the Rights Issue. The final outcome shows that the Rights Issue has been oversubscribed. Through the Rights Issue, Acconeer receives approximately SEK 140 million before deduction of transaction costs.

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