Acconeer and ALPS ALPINE signs a strategic partnership agreement and announces first customer project

The radar technology company Acconeer AB and ALPS ALPINE have signed a strategic partnership agreement with the aim of developing products for the automotive industry. ALPS ALPINE is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems for cars.

Acconeer's unique ultra-low power and high precision radar sensor will be included in several of ALPS ALPINE products. The first product from the collaboration, an access control sensor for cars, has been completed and is already being marketed to automobile manufacturers globally. ALPS ALPINE have now won their first project with a leading international car brand and therefore Acconeer has signed an exclusivity agreement for this particular use-case and car brand. If the project is completed as planned, deliveries are expected to start in early 2022 and run over a minimum of 4 years.

Lars Lindell, CEO of Acconeer, comments: "We have teamed up with ALPS ALPINE for a couple of years and have now reached the point where the next logical step is to formalize our cooperation. We are certain that ALPS ALPINE is the perfect partner to take our radar sensor to the automobile industry globally."


For additional information, please contact:

Lars Lindell, CEO Acconeer, Phone: +46 10218 92 00, Mail:

This information is information that Acconeer AB is required to disclose by the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the above contact person, for publication on 4th of September 2019 at 10.30.

About Acconeer AB

Acconeer is a leading radar sensor company based in Lund, south Sweden, in Ideon, the country's hottest region for wireless technologies. Acconeer is developing a truly leading ultra-low power, high precision 3D sensor which will revolutionize the way that mobile devices interpret their surroundings. Acconeers ultra-low power and millimeter precision sensor will be a robust and cost-effective solution for applications ranging from virtual reality and gaming to security and robot control. Information from the sensor can also be used to identify different materials, these are just some examples of the wide range of possibilities of application areas for the sensor. Acconeer is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with the ticker code ACCON, Redeye is the company's Certified Advisor (CA).

Halvårsrapport Q2 2021

I andra kvartalet 2021 uppgick Acconeers nettoomsättning till 7 643 TSEK, bruttomarginalen var 72% och åtta nya kundprodukter lanserades. I Q2 såldes för första gången över 100 000 sensorer under ett kvartal, 112 256 stycken, och sedan lansering har Acconeer sålt totalt 436 468 radarsensorer. Under kvartalet såldes även 461 utvärderingskit, EVK, och den ackumulerade EVK-försäljningen sedan lansering uppgår vid kvartalets slut till 3 977. Bolaget sålde 2 226 moduler i Q2, och sedan lansering har totalt 11 927 moduler sålts.

Interim report Q2 2021

In Q2 2021, Acconeer's net sales amounted to 7 643 kSEK, the gross margin was 72% and eight new customer products were launched. In Q2 for the first time more than 100 000 sensors were sold during one quarter when 112 256 sensors were sold, and since launch Acconeer has sold in total 436 468 radar sensors. In Q2 461 evaluation kits were sold, and an accumulated 3 977 EVK has been sold since launch. The company sold 2 226 modules in Q2, and since launch a total of 11 927 modules have been sold.

Acconeer får order från CODICO värd 1 miljon SEK

Ordern avser Acconeers A111 radarsensor för europeiska kunders massproduktion. CODICO är en ledande distributör i Europa, med huvudkontor i Wien, Österrike.

Acconeer receives order from CODICO worth USD 125 000

The order relates to Acconeer's A111 radar sensor for European customers' mass production. CODICO GmbH is a leading European distributor, headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

Acconeer signerar distributionsavtal med japanska NEXTY med fokus på bilindustrin

Radarteknikbolaget Acconeer AB har signerat ett distributionsavtal med japanska NEXTY Electronics. NEXTY är ett centralt bolag i Toyota Tsusho-gruppens affärsområde elektronik och en ledande japansk distributör med en särskilt stark position i bilbranschen.

Acconeer signs a distribution agreement with Japanese NEXTY focusing on the automotive industry

The radar technology company Acconeer AB has signed a distribution agreement with Japanese NEXTY Electronics. NEXTY, a core company of the Toyota Tsusho Group's electronics business, is a leading Japanese distributor with especially strong coverage of companies in the automotive sector.

Kommuniké från årsstämma i Acconeer AB den 27 april 2021

Acconeer AB (publ) ("Bolaget") höll den 27 april 2021 årsstämma för verksamhetsåret 2020. För att undvika spridningen av det virus som orsakar covid-19 genomfördes stämman med poströstning, utan fysiskt deltagande. Inför stämman publicerades en video med VD Lars Lindell och COO Mikael Egard innehållande deras reflektioner över året som har gått och strategin framöver. Videon finns tillgänglig på Bolagets webbplats, Vid stämman fattades följande beslut.

Bulletin from the Annual General Meeting of Acconeer AB on 27 April 2021

Acconeer AB (the "Company") held its annual general meeting on 27 April 2021, for the 2020 fiscal year. In order to prevent the spread of the virus causing covid-19, the annual general meeting was carried out solely through postal voting, without any physical presence. A video with the CEO, Lars Lindell, and COO, Mikael Egard, was published ahead of the AGM. The video included their reflections on the past year and the strategy ahead and is available on the Company's website, At the annual general meeting, the following resolutions were made.

Rättelse av pressmeddelande avseende delårsrapport Q1 2021

I det pressmeddelande som skickades ut 23 april 2021, 07:30 angavs felaktigt år i rubriken. Korrekt år avseende delårsrapporten för första kvartalet är 2021. Därutöver saknades länk till rapporten på Acconeers hemsida. Detta är tillagt i pressmeddelandet nedan, som i övrigt stämmer överens med det tidigare utskickade pressmeddelandet.

Correction of press release regarding interim report Q1 2021

In the press released sent out on April 23, 2021, 07:30 the wrong year was stated in the headline. The correct year for the interim report for the first quarter is 2021. In addition, a link to the report on Acconeer's web site was missing. This has been added in the press release below, which in all other aspects is the same as the previously distributed press release.


I första kvartalet 2021 uppgick Acconeers nettoomsättning till 7 545 TSEK, bruttomarginalen var 74% och fem nya kundprodukter lanserades. I Q1 såldes 399 utvärderingskit, EVK, och den ackumulerade EVK-försäljningen sedan lansering uppgår vid kvartalets slut till 3 516. Bolaget sålde 4024 moduler i Q1, och sedan lansering har totalt 9 701 moduler sålts. Totalt har Acconeer sålt 324 212 sensorer, av vilka 74 881 såldes i Q1 2021.


In Q1 2021, Acconeers net sales amounted to 7 545 kSEK, the gross margin was 74% and five new customer products were launched. In Q1 399 evaluation kits were sold, and an accumulated 3 516 EVK has been sold since launch. The company sold 4 024 modules in Q1, and since launch a total of 9 701 modules have been sold. In total Acconeer has sold 324 212 sensors, out of which 74 881 were sold in Q1 2021.

Acconeer annonserar A121 pulsad koherent radarsensor, ny högprestandaprodukt i A1-familjen

Idag annonserar Acconeer en ny pulsad koherent radarsensor i produktfamiljen A1, baserad på A111s design men med utökad prestanda. Produkten planeras att vara redo för massproduktion under andra halvåret 2022.

Acconeer announces A121 pulsed coherent radar sensor, new high-performance product in A1 family

Today Acconeer is announcing a new product in the A1 pulsed coherent radar family, based on the design of A111 but with extended performance. The product is planned to be ready for mass-production in the second half of 2022.

Customer story - Winext technology uses radar for improved accuracy in their parking detection module

Chinese company Winext Technology combines Acconeer's A1 radar sensor with a geomagnetic sensor for improved accuracy in their parking space detection module. Thanks to the good result, the company plans to use the A1 radar sensor in more products such as smart trash cans and liquid level meters. Read the full customer story to learn more.

Kallelse till årsstämma 2021 i Acconeer AB (publ)

Aktieägarna i Acconeer AB (publ), 556872-7654, ("Bolaget") kallas till årsstämma den 27 april 2021.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2021 in Acconeer AB (publ)

The shareholders of Acconeer AB (publ), reg. no. 556872-7654, (the "Company") are hereby given notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held on 27 April 2021.

Acconeer signerar distributionsavtal med Mouser Electronics och får en första order

Acconeer har signerat ett distributionsavtal med Mouser Electronics, och Acconeer's radarprodukter kommer snart finnas tillgängliga i Mousers webbutik. Samtidigt lägger Mouser Electronics en order om 35 000 USD för ett initialt lager. Ordern avser Acconeers radarsensor A1 och relaterade moduler, utvärderingskit (EVK) och linser. Mouser är en av världens största distributörer av elektronikkomponenter med global utbredning.

Acconeer signs a distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics and receives first order

Acconeer has signed a distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, and Acconeer's radar products will soon be available through Mouser's online store. At the same time, Mouser Electronics places an order worth USD 35 000 for initial stock. The order relates to Acconeer's A1 radar sensor and related modules, evaluation kits (EVK) and lenses. Mouser is one of the largest electronic component distributors in the world, with a global reach.

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