ÅAC Microtec wins order for Sirius Avionics from Loft Orbital Solutions Inc.

ÅAC Microtec AB has been selected to supply electronics for an onboard technology to enable Payload Rideshares on micro satellites developed by Loft Orbital Solutions Inc. The order with a value of approx. 4.7 MSEK (490 kUSD) is planned to be delivered in the second half of 2019.

Loft Orbital Solutions has selected ÅAC's Sirius avionics, with some customer-specified enhancements, for its Payload Interface & Control Unit (PICU) that facilitates its versatile Payload Rideshares on its 75-200kg class micro satellites. The first satellite mission, YAM-2, utilizing this Sirius avionics-based PICU is expected to be completed by the end of the year, with options for subsequent missions pre-agreed. Loft Orbital selected Sirius products for its PICU due to the high-quality, reliability and the flexibility to quickly incorporate Loft Orbital's customer-specific extensions in the Sirius avionics.

"Loft Orbital's decision represents a significant endorsement for the Sirius product range and also displays the increasing traction for our products in the U.S. market. We are excited to be part of their pioneering solutions for customers who want reliable and high-quality access to space infrastructure," says AAC Clyde Space Vice President of Business Development; Iraklis Hatziathanasiou.

"We feel confident in our selection of Sirius avionics for the PICU of our YAM-2 micro satellite mission. The product characteristics, reliability and ÅAC Microtec's capacity to quickly adapt to our specific extensions represents a perfect match for us, allowing us to demonstrate our flexible interface and hosting concept for fast and affordable access to space on high-reliability platforms." says Loft Orbital's Chief Engineer & YAM-2 Mission Manager; Pieter van Duijn.

Loft Orbital Solutions Inc. is a U.S. company offering affordable, reliable and fast access to space through high-performance and high-reliability satellite platforms by utilizing specific technology for multi-payload interfacing, accommodation and satellite operations. Starting 2020, the company is planning for a cadence of quarterly missions.


Please visit: www.aacmicrotec.com and www.clyde.space or contact:
CEO Luis Gomes, investor@aacmicrotec.com
Chairman of the Board, Rolf Hallencreutz, investor@aacmicrotec.com 

The information in this press release is such that ÅAC Microtec AB (publ) shall announce publicly according to the EU Regulation No 596/2014 on market abuse (MAR). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, at 08:30 CEST on 16 May, 2019

ÅAC Microtec and its subsidiary Clyde Space offer a full turnkey mission service from design to on-orbit operations including reliable platforms in the range of 1 to 50 Kg; customizable to suit our customers' requirements. Our end-to-end service package enables our customers to reach their mission goals with a single, trusted point of contact. In addition, we supply a full range of subsystems for cube satellites and small satellites. 

ÅAC Microtec's shares are traded on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. G&W Fondkommission, e-mail ca@gwkapital.se, phone +46 8 503 000 50, is the Certified Adviser.

AAC Clyde Space byter ledningsstruktur för att underlätta tillväxt

2021-03-01 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB förändrar sin ledningsstruktur för att öka sin anpassningsförmåga och underlätta fortsatt tillväxt. Koncernen inför en decentraliserad ledningsstruktur med försäljning och strategi i koncernledningen och lokal styrning av verksamheten i varje land.

AAC Clyde Space changes management structure to increase agility and underpin continued growth

2021-03-01 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB is updating its management structure to increase agility and underpin continued growth. The group is implementing a distributed management structure, with group level sales and strategic leadership in Group management, and geographical operations management for each country.

Craig Clark lämnar AAC Clyde Space

2021-02-25 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
Craig Clark har beslutat att lämna AAC Clyde Space där han har varit CSO. Craig har haft befattningen sedan 2018 då ÅAC slogs samman med Clyde Space för att bilda AAC Clyde Space.

AAC Clyde Space's Craig Clark to leave his position

2021-02-25 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
Craig Clark has decided to leave AAC Clyde Space where he has been CSO. Craig has held the position since 2018 when AAC merged with Clyde Space to form AAC Clyde Space.

Bokslutskommuniké för AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) januari - december 2020

2021-02-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

Year-end report for AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) January - December 2020

2021-02-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

AAC Clyde Spaces dotterbolag Hyperion verifierar laserkommunikation i omloppsbana

2021-01-05 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) ("AAC") dotterbolag Hyperion har vunnit en order om 0,15 MEUR (ca 1,5 MSEK) för att verifiera sin rymdbaserade laserkommunikationsterminal, CubeCAT, i omloppsbana. Terminalen är designad för nedlänkning av data i ultrahög hastighet, vilket avsevärt förbättrar och underlättar datakommunikation via småsatelliter.

AAC Clyde Space subsidiary Hyperion to verify laser communication in-orbit

2021-01-05 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) ("AAC") subsidiary Hyperion has been awarded a MEUR 0.15 (approx. 1.5 MSEK) order to carry out an in-orbit verification of CubeCAT, its space-based laser communication terminal. CubeCAT is designed to enable ultra high-speed downlink of data from small satellites, greatly improving and facilitating their data communication.

Förvärvet av amerikanska SpaceQuest är genomfört

2020-12-30 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) ("AAC") meddelade den 15 oktober 2020 att ett avtal hade ingåtts om att förvärva samtliga aktier i SpaceQuest Ltd. Samtliga villkor för förvärvets genomförande har uppfyllts och förvärvet har därmed slutförts. AAC-koncernen har därmed ett starkt fotfäste i USA, världens största rymdmarknad.

AAC Clyde Space completes acquisition of U.S SpaceQuest

2020-12-30 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) ("AAC") announced on October 15, 2020 that an agreement had been reached to acquire all shares in SpaceQuest Ltd. All conditions for completion of the acquisition have been met and the acquisition has thus been completed. Hence, AAC Group has a strong foothold in the United States, the world's largest space market.

AAC Clyde Space designar satellit till Space Forge, som ska tillverka i rymden och återvända till jorden

2020-12-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space har fått i uppdrag av British Space Forge att designa en satellitplattform som ska användas för att utnyttja rymdmiljön för tillverkning. Satelliten ska utformas för att befinna sig i omloppsbana under sex månader och därefter återvända till jorden för att leverera produkten till kunderna. Ordern för denna första fas av ett potentiellt större projekt har ett värde av 0,1 miljoner GBP (ca 1,3 MSEK) och planeras att levereras i mars 2021.

AAC Clyde Space to design Space Forge platform, for in-space production and return to Earth

2020-12-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space has been commissioned by British Space Forge to design a satellite platform that is to take advantage of the space environment for production in-orbit. The satellite is intended to stay in-orbit for six months and thereafter descend on Earth for the product to be delivered to customers. This order for the first phase of a potential larger project with a value of 0.1 million GBP (approx. 1.3 MSEK) and scheduled for delivery in March 2021.

CFIUS ger klartecken för förvärvet av SpaceQuest

2020-11-26 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) har fastställt att det inte finns några olösta nationella säkerhetsfrågor vid AAC Clyde Spaces förvärv av SpaceQuest Ltd. AAC Clyde Space inleder därmed slutförandet av förvärvet vilket förväntas bli klart under december 2020.

The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States has approved SpaceQuest acquisition

2020-11-26 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
The Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS) has determined that there are no unresolved national securities concerns with AAC Clyde Space acquiring SpaceQuest Ltd. AAC Clyde Space will now initiate the closing process which is expected to be finalised during December 2020.

Delårsrapport för AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) januari - september 2020

2020-11-26 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

Interim report for AAC Clyde Space AB (publ) January - September 2020

2020-11-26 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

AAC Clyde Space utvecklar innovativ konstellation av satelliter för 19,7 MEUR (ca. 202 MSEK) tillsammans med ESA och UK Space Agency

2020-11-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space inleder ett 3-årigt utvecklingsprojekt kallat xSPANCION tillsammans med European Space Agency (ESA), för att stärka bolagets förmåga att leverera en innovativ konstellation av satelliter inkluderande tillverkning av 10 satelliter. Den brittiska rymdstyrelsen UK Space Agency samfinansierar projektet med 9,9 MEUR (ca 101,4 MEUR) genom ESA. AAC Clyde Space avser att, utanför ramen för projektet, ingå avtal med kunder om leverans av data från konstellationen.

AAC Clyde Space to develop a 19.7 MEUR (approx. 202 MSEK) innovative Constellation Services with ESA and UK Space Agency

2020-11-18 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)
AAC Clyde Space embarks on a 3-year project, named xSPANCION, with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an innovative satellite constellation service, including the manufacturing of 10 spacecrafts. The UK Space Agency through ESA, will co-fund the project with 9.9 MEUR (approx. 101.4 MSEK). AAC Clyde Space intends to, outside this project, enter into customer service agreements for data delivery from the constellation.

Förvärvet av Hyperion Technologies B.V. är genomfört

2020-11-10 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

The acquisition of Hyperion Technologies B.V. is completed

2020-11-10 AAC Clyde Space AB (publ)

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