Meltron steps up marketing & sales and hires two directors

After a period of preparations and building an active pipeline of important customer relations and key projects, Meltron is now stepping up its marketing and sales efforts. Meltron has signed up and hired two global level Vice Presidents to strengthen the growth of the company in Scandinavia, Europe and Middle East and Africa. This will support the JV with ISAP in the US and in the longer perspective also Asia.

Mr. Anders Andreasson joins Meltron after a 15 years global level career in FLIR System, head-quartered in the US (NASDAQ-listed). FLIR System is specializing in intelligent sensing and surveillance solutions for public and industrial applications. "We are receiving so much positive feedback from our new customers and prospects that now is the right time to really boost the sales and our efforts. Anders has just the right experience and background", says Ville Sistonen, CEO of Meltron. Anders is based in Stockholm and will start 1 September.

- I'm very excited to join Meltron in this growth phase. Meltron has an impressive product portfolio with solutions for many different requirements, even explosion proof and for other harsh environments. I see high potential and several opportunities linked to my background offering safety solutions to the industry, says Anders Andreasson.

Mr. Christian Jonsson also joins Meltron. Previously Christian has been working in Aptilo Networks and Flexenclosure Company. He has very long and successful global level sales and leadership experience, recently being responsible in Middle East and Africa activities. Christian is based in Dubai and will start in June. "We are very happy to get Christian on board. The experience and the track-record he has in growing new businesses, products and technologies is just what Meltron needs now", CEO Ville Sistonen says.

- It is very exciting to join a company that has such a solid product portfolio and that is in the forefront of the market. I look forward to the many opportunities in the market and to help to grow Meltron and move into new markets, says Christian Jonsson.

"We made a very long and comprehensive recruitment process, we could not have got a better persons than Anders and Christian. I am looking forward to them joining me in the new executive team", concludes CEO Ville Sistonen.

For further information, contact:
Ville Sistonen, CEO Meltron AB, tel: +358 40 746 4781;

Meltron AB, Embassy House, Linnégatan 89C, 115 23 Stockholm

Meltron Oy, Laivakatu 3, FI-00150 Helsinki


This information is such information which Meltron AB (publ) is obliged to publish in accordance with regulatory requirements and the listing at NGM Nordic SME. The information was provided by contact person above for publication on 3 June 2020 at 15:30 CEST.

About Meltron - "More than Just Light"

Meltron AB designs, manufactures and sells LED lighting solutions which are based on interdisciplinary application of electronics, optics, thermodynamics and nano-structures. "More than Just Light" translates into energy savings, superior light quality, product life-time savings, increased productivity, safety and wellbeing for all. Meltron provides high quality solutions for the most demanding environments in infrastructure, industry, logistics and agriculture.

LED lighting is one of world's fastest growing industries. For this sector the annual growth is 47 % and the total market for 2020 is expected at 100 billion USD, according to Edison Research

The Meltron share is traded on NGM Nordic SME in Stockholm under short name MLTR.

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Meltron offentliggör Årsredovisning 2019-20

Meltron AB (publ) offentliggör sin Årsredovisning för the förlängda räkenskapsåret 2019-05-01-2020-06-30, som nu finns tillgänglig på Bolagets hemsida och tillsammans med revisionsberättelsen. Bokslutskommunikén publicerades 2020-08-26.

Meltron publishes Annual Report 2019-20

Meltron AB (publ) today publishes its Annual Report for the extended financial year 2019-05-01-2020-06-30, which is now available on the Company's web site and together with the auditor's report. English translations will soon be available. The year-end report was published 2020-08-26.

Meltron AB (publ) kallar till Årsstämma 25 Sept


Meltron AB (publ) calls Annual General Meeting on 25 September 2020


Meltron AB (publ), 556988-9834 - Bokslutskommuniké för perioden 2019-05-01 - 2020-06-30

Verksamhetsperioden i sammandrag

Augusti 2019: Dagens Meltron bildas genom samgående med Meltron Oy

Augusti 2020: Fortsatt expansion säkras genom garanterad företrädesemission om 25 MSEK

Meltron AB (publ) genomför nyemission med företrädesrätt för befintliga aktieägare -emissionen är säkrad fullt ut genom garanti

Detta pressmeddelande får inte offentliggöras, publiceras eller distribueras, vare sig direkt eller indirekt, i eller till USA, Kanada, Australien, Hongkong, Japan, Nya Zeeland, Sydkorea, Schweiz, Singapore eller Sydafrika eller i någon annan jurisdiktion där distribution av detta pressmeddelande skulle vara olaglig.

Styrelsen för Meltron AB (publ) ("Meltron" eller "Bolaget") har, med stöd av bemyndigandet som erhölls vid årsstämman den 20 augusti 2019, beslutat att genomföra en nyemission av aktier med företrädesrätt för befintliga aktieägare ("Företrädesemissionen" eller "Erbjudandet") om cirka 25 MSEK före emissionskostnader. Emissionslikviden kommer främst att användas till att genomföra planerade, ökade säljaktiviteter, inklusive därför nödvändigt rörelsekapital, till teknik- och affärsutveckling samt till övrig drift. Företrädesemissionen är säkrad till 100 procent upp till ca 25 MSEK genom garantiåtaganden och teckningsförbindelser, dock utan att Bolaget vare sig begärt eller erhållit bankmässig säkerhet för dessa åtaganden.

Meltron AB (publ) makes a new issue with priority for current shareholders - the issue is guaranteed in full

This press release may not be published or distributed, neither directly nor indirectly, in or to the USA, Canada, Australia, Hongkong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore or South Africa or in any other jurisdiction where the distribution of this press release would be illegal.

The Board of Meltron AB (publ) ("Meltron" or the "Company") has, within the mandate given to it at the Annual Shareholders' meeting 20 August 2019, decided the make an issue of new shares with priority for current shareholders (the "Priority Issue" or the "Offer") of approximately 25 MSEK before costs of the issue. The proceeds will primarily be used to carry out the planned, increased sales activities, incl necessary working capital, for technical and business development and for operations. The issue is fully secured up to approximately 25 MSEK through guarantee commitments and pre-subscriptions; the Company has, however, neither requested nor received bank securities for these commitments.

Meltron på väg in i pharma-industrin - första beställning och utvald som leverantör

Meltron har nu genom dotterbolaget Meltron Oy i Finland fått en första order från läkemedelsindustrin. Efter en mycket lång period av utvärdering, och vissa modifieringar för att möta kundspecifika krav, har Fermion Oyj nu beställt 20 st av Meltrons gasexplosionssäkra EX lampor för en pilotinstallation vid sin anläggning i Uleåborg, Finland. Fermion, som ingår i Finlands största läkemedelsföretag Orion Corp, tillverkar aktiva farmacevtiska substanser (API). Meltron EX möter Fermions alla krav. Certifieringen för EX utvidgades i början av året.

Meltron breaks into pharmaceuticals market - first order and selected supplier

Meltron, through the subsidiary Meltron Oy in Finland, has received its first order in the pharmaceutical industry. After a very long period of evaluation, and some modifications to meet the customer's specific needs, Fermion Oyj has ordered 20 pcs of Meltron's gas explosive proof EX lights for a pilot installation in Oulu, Finland. Fermion Oyj, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Finnish medical company Orion Corporation, manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The Meltron EX fulfils all requirements of Fermion. The EX certification was extended in the beginning of the year.

Meltron ökar takten i försäljningen och rekryterar två marknadsdirektörer

Efter en period av förberedelser och uppbyggnad av en aktiv portfölj av viktiga kundrelationer och projekt ökar nu Meltron takten i marknads-och försäljningsarbetet. Meltron har rekryterat två marknadsdirektörer med global erfarenhet för att stärka tillväxten i Skandinavien, Europa och Mellanöstern. Det innebär också en större uppbackning av vårt JV med ISAP I USA och, I det längre perspektivet, även i Asien.

Meltron steps up marketing & sales and hires two directors

After a period of preparations and building an active pipeline of important customer relations and key projects, Meltron is now stepping up its marketing and sales efforts. Meltron has signed up and hired two global level Vice Presidents to strengthen the growth of the company in Scandinavia, Europe and Middle East and Africa. This will support the JV with ISAP in the US and in the longer perspective also Asia.

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