Panion in ITF-meeting at EMA

Development of new and unique medicines for animals (and humans) requires a close cooperation with the authorities that in the end will decide on the approval and allow marketing of the product.

In Europe, genetically based novel medicines are authorised by application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), currently located in London. To facilitate the understanding of new ideas and approaches to treatment of diseases, the EMA has established an Innovation Task Force (ITF) which consists of experienced scientific reviewers and persons involved in the assessment and processing of new medicinal inventions, who will meet with a small number of selected companies each year.

Panion's epilepsy product, which is based on CombiGene's scientific development over many years, was accepted for an ITF meeting in 2018. A briefing package of background infor- mation and research results was send to EMA before the ITF meeting with the experts in London in June 2018. Associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, David Woldbye, led the scientific questions on the project. Chief Research and Development Officer from CombiGene, Karin Agerman, led the discussion on manufacture and product development.

CEO and veterinarian from Panion, Anja Holm, led the presentation and the clinical discussion on the development of the product for animals.

"The meeting was very successful, and our expectations were fully met. We got some new things to think about and new angles that we can use for the benefit of the product development. It was clear that they understand our approach very well. Importantly, we also got a feeling for where the authorities see potential short-cuts that we will explore, and where we need to investigate and explain more thoroughly", says Anja Holm, CEO of Panion Animal Health AB. 

TUE, JUN 12, 2018

For further information, please contact:

Anja E. H. Holm, CEO | + 45-22 94 66 00 

Developing animal health - In Panion, we want to improve the quality of life for animals suffering from chronic diseases. We are convinced that gene therapy has promising prospects. Our aim is to develop and commercialize a gene therapy treatment for dogs with drug refractory epilepsy, based on CombiGene AB's technology and platform. Panion Animal Health AB is listed at AktieTorget. 

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New CFO in Panion; Katarina Holm

The new CFO for Panion Animal Health AB from the of November 2018 is Katarina Holm, who cooperates with our current CFO, Sofia Josephson, for a smooth transition of the role.

Panion prepares for USA

2018 Q2 report, Period April-June for Panion Animal Health AB

Period April-June

  • Net sales: kSEK 0 (0). 
  • Operating profit: kSEK -1 299 (-1 156). 
  • Earnings per share: SEK -0,08 (-0,21). 
  • Liquidity at the end of the period: kSEK 15 (796).

Period January-June

  • Net sales: kSEK 0 (0). 
  • Operating profit: kSEK -1 996 (-2 423). 
  • Earnings per share: SEK -0,08 (-0,21). 
  • Liquidity at the end of the period: kSEK 15 (796).

Panion in FDA pre-submission conference

Panion Animal Health AB develops a unique new gene therapy treatment for dogs with drug-resistant epilepsy and the primary targeted market is the USA. The company has just been assigned to a pre-submission conference for this product with staff and experts from the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine to take place in October in FDA-CVM's office, Maryland, USA. At the meeting, the product will be introduced, the development plan will be discussed, and comments from the experts will be sought for a faster and smoother access to approval and marketing.

Panion's emission is finalised and the dog safety study is progressing well

Panion's shares emission that was running from 16-30 May and raised appr. 5.2 MSEK before emission costs, has now been completed and all payments processed.

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