Host Property AB - October 2020

Market update

A number of sectors have recovered during the last months after the lock down in March and April 2020. Still, the
travel and hospitality sectors are running at continued historic low levels even though the levels are somewhat
above the bottom levels in March and April 2020. International travelling is still almost non existing.

According to the Ministry of Health and Services (Norway ), the best case scenario to vaccine a sufficient part of the
population has an estimated timing o f minimum 12 months (fall of 2021) Substantial risk of process taking longer

The hotel operating companies (Tribe Hotels) for the Host Property hotels went into reconstruction in late June 2020
The reconstruction is still ongoing.

During July 2020, Host Hoteleiendom took 100% ownership of the operations at Tribe Hotels, including the
operations at the nine Host Property hotel properties.

It was important for Host Hoteleiendom to take action and ownership to continue operations and secure values at the
hotel properties during this historic challenging time.

Host Property is working closely with the hotel operating companies and the court approved reconstructor to achieve
the best possible result for Host Property and the bondholders.

In connection with the 3Q2020 report, Host Property will audit the figures YTD to conduct a detailed update of the
figures and evaluation of revenues, balance sheet and cash flow items. The process will also be updated with the
latest status from the reconstructor, even though the process is not yet concluded, and the fact that the
reconstruction on October 9, 2020 was extended to December 24, 2020.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the primary goal and strong commitment for Host Property have been to secure
values for the Host Property portfolio for both shareholders and bondholders.

Host Property has during this period been active cutting costs, taken control of the operations of our hotels and
working actively with potential new external hotel operators.

Host Property needs to invest to secure an d build value. When the market comes back, which we believe it eventually
will, we will be ready.

See attached presetnation for details.

Christian Fuhr +47 98 22 85 16

Host Property AB

Invitation to 3Q2020 Results Presentation

3Q YTD 2020 Report

Audited report and market update presentation

Host Property AB - October 2020

Market update

Press release 25.09.2020

Host Property AB (publ) cancels the written procedure initiated on 14 September 2020



Invitation to 2Q2020 Results Presentation

Host Property AB - Invitation to 2Q2020 Results Presentation - Teleconference 31. August at 09:00

Press release 06.08.2020

Host Property AB - Hotel operation - Change of ownership

Quarterly report

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